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Hello crypto investors and enthusiasts. As usual,permit me to unleash another revolutionary project on the space currentl, FUNCTION X. If you followed my last publication about FUNCTION X, I discussed about the overall functionality of the platform which includes it review, use cases etc. But on today’s edition, I shall about the cogent technological innovation of Function X being the XPHONE!

Over the last few years, the world has experienced a huge technological shift. This event is popularly regarded as the “digital upheaval”. Digital revolution also called the 3rd industrial revolution, is the change from analog, mechanical, and electronic technology to digital technology which began from the late 1950s to the late 1970s with the acceptance and propagation of digital computers and digital record keeping that has lingered to the current day.

Our society today has gone awash with the high in flux of smartphones into our markets. In December 2010, Mary Meeker, a futurist, predicted that: “…by 2012 smartphone sales will be surpassing PC and laptop sales” … “February 7, 2011…final quarter of 2010, smartphones passed global PC shipments for the first time in history”.

With the advent of the blockchain technology came significant growth in various aspects of human existence. Healthcare, finance, sports, betting etc. the revolution the block chain technology has brought is all encompassing and recently in the smartphone world, with the advent of the first ever blockchain phone. The XPHONE. This phone runs on a totally decentralized system this setting apart from conventional smartphones. Every activity carried out on the phone runs independently, ranging from calls, messages, etc. via blockchain nodes.

Incredibly so, the Function X phone`s key features set it apart thus:
1. A smart device that runs on a blockchain powered operating system, a first of its kind in the smartphone ecosystem.

2. One of the key offerings, stemming from its parent feature helps it to share data, messages, various media securely helped by the block chain technology.

3. Interestingly, the x phone applications will be highly decentralized, more importantly the release of applications and regular updates.

4. Before now, regular smartphones had run on a central network, but this is the game changer, for a first, here is a phone that every part of it and features run independently on a central carrier, outside that of conventional smartphones.

5. Data is the new gold and its becoming worrisome the way user data has been compromised by network handlers led to the launch of this system that gives users absolute control over their data and decide whom they share such data with.

6. Again, user data is stored in a central location such user data cannot be compromised.

7. Every Xphone is a node, and runs on.
To add, the introducers of this system has made it available to other phone manufacturers for testing, this will create a boost in the overall operating system ecosystem and increase smartphone productivity on a general scale.

Conclusively, the CEO of pundi says the incredible potential to launch a huge collection of nodes that can be harnessed to assist to achieve scalability and a decentralized system for the blockchain system at large. More so, this introduction is intended to equate the growth of the internet in an unparalleled manner. For starters, control will be handed back to the people collection. The aphorism that the customer is king will now be lived to it fullest.
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