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Hello crypto investors and enthusiasts. And welcome to my blog. I bring to you yet another blast project. A project that is the new and big thing happening on the space. This project is XCRYPT. The project has taken the storm on the space bringing to limelight several mind blowing innovations. Sit back, read and take actions. Above all, don’t forget to do your own research. But truth me, my reviews on any project has never failed me.
On this backdrop, Xcrypt was designed to be the first CRYPTOCURRENCY exchange to support not only erc20 tokens, but also erc721 tokens. This is quite incredible. This is to tell you that the team behind this project is a solid one with technical know-how of blockchain technology. Without much ado, I shall discuss about Xcrypt’s debit card, it’s uses, features and benefits to users and investors alike.
The importance of crypto currency exchange cannot be over emphasized on the crypto space owing to the fact that it is with this exchanges that one can get to trade his or her crypto coins. Hence, CRYPTOCURRENCY without a good crypto exchange is nothing. With this, a lot exchanges have been created to resolve the need of traders,investors and lovers of crypto as a whole. These exchanges comes with 1 or to features and benefits to render and give to the society. Some fails, while some succeeds. But none has been able to give a 100% effectiveness to their users due to one or more problems. Alas, Xcrypt is here to put an end to these problems by introducing and developing mind blowing benefits for its users.
The Xcrypt exchange seeks to put an end to the following problems:
1. Secured and Transparency issue
2. Most exchanges having rooms for just er20 tokens/coins.
3. Exorbitant/high trading fees.
4. Shutdown without warning issue.
5. Slow and inEffective support system.
6. Slow kyc process etc.
7. Unavailability of payment using debit cards
8. Complicated and uneasy CRYPTOCURRENCY trading platform etc.
Having analysed these key problems, Xcrypt team decided to put to birth a highly tech exchange that would curb and put to an end these afformentioned projects.

An astounding innovation of Xcrypt is its Debit card. This debit card offers users a lot of benefits on the Xcrypt’s trading platform. These ranges from:
1. Buying and selling of cryptocurrencies using the debit card on the exchange.
2. Shopping world wide with the Xcrypt’s debit card.
3. Using your Xcrypt’s debit card on the ATM anywhere, anyday and any time.
4. With the debit card, users and traders can get to transfer funds from one account to the other etc.
Xcrypt is the first CRYPTOCURRENCY exchange to support erc20 and erc721 tokens listing, also ready for STO and the first crypto exchange to introduce a DEBIT card for payments and a Social media trading platform.

Bearing these problems at heart, encrypt has put to end these high rating menace in the crypto space by;
1. Zero-fee system. With Xcrypt’s trading platform, traders will no longer be charged exorbitant fees for trading like other trading exchanges. Xcrypt gives users and traders alike the liberty to trade at a zero-fee or low fee basis. This is absolutely incredible.
2. With Xcrypt incorporating erc20 and erc721 tokens, traders will now be availed the options to trade either erc20 tokens or erc721 tokens or might even chose to trade both erc20 and erc721.
3. Xcrypt offers a well secured and transparent trading system. With Xcrypt, users will be rest assured of their funds on the exchange. No third party activities will be successful with Xcrypt’s security measures.
4. Quick kyc process. On Xcrypt’s platform, kyc process is hastened and quick enough to allow users or traders to be able to trade and withdraw their funds. Unlike other trading platforms where kyc process takes eternity to be processed. With Xcrypt, kyc is processed by the support team almost immediately.

5. With Xcrypt platform, users can now buy and sell cryptocurrencies using their debit cards. That is to say, users or traders can also withdraw their funds using the Xcrypt’s debit card. and with the Xcrypt’s Debit card, users will be able shop and withdraw world wide using the ATMS. I bet you can’t afford to miss out on this incredible innovation.
6. A very simple and easy to use interface. Newbies can easily Adlib with Xcrypt’s trading platform without the help of anyone.

XCRYPT is a project that has come to stay and REVOLUTIONIZE a lot of discrepancies on the crypto space. It has come to put an end to exorbitant and excess fees placed by other existing exchanges. It has come to ameliorate the rigorous procedures and delays with kyc processes. It has come to change and make trading easier and worth while for traders while utilizing maximum profits. What are you waiting for? JOIN THE LEADING REVOLUTION NOW!
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