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4 min readJan 30, 2020

Let’s start with the fact that the idea behind Function-X is that of enhancing or promoting and maximizing the tendencies or potentials of block-chain. The Function-X platform was established all in a bid to ensure that the world of tele-communications, and transmitting and storing of information and other related sectors get transformed by block-chain. That’s what Function-X is all about. Block-chain has already being in use for more than a decade in the areas of crypto-exchanges and a number of industries. Funtion-X is bringing it into tele-communications.
The FUNCTION-X network is made up of 5 components that have a sole purpose, namely f(X) OS; f(X) ledger; f(X) IP-FS; f(X) D-docker and f(X) FX-TP. All these together is applied by the Function-X to provides the following products:
1. The X-phone and
2. The D-apps


The X-phone is a solution for smart-phones whereby the latter can make use of Function-X’s provided OS knowns as f(X) OS.
The X-PHONE is not just highly safe/secure, but also basically de-centralized in the total sense of it’s architecture. It is globally, the foremost block-chain-based phone. This means that the phone doesn’t just have some features of block-chain, but it is completely created on or with block-chain. That’s interesting…isn’t it!
The phone contains components that other smart-phones do not have.
The X-phone is powered by the Function-X Eco-system.
It operates on a special TP for block-chain.
It brings the application of block-chain potentials beyond just financial transactions.
Common phones need and use a central SP or server, whereas, the X-phone doesn’t but operates autonomously in a de-centralized approach.
On X-phone, a phone call can be made by it’s user and a message sent through block-chain nodes, with no need for phone numbers.
Users can communicate and interact independently and seam-lessly without interference or being intercepted.
With the f(X) OS, that is both block-chain-enabled and Android-enabled, users can swap from the normal Android mode to the block-chain mode, and vice versa.


The second basic smart-utility of the Function-X is the D-apps. Needless to say is the fact that D-Apps will be a means of which to apply the f(X) components of the Function-X.
Smart phones or devices usually require a number applications softwares (Apps), with every app independently developed for it’s own specific function to serve a user of the phone a specific need. Over the years, we have had de-centralized applications, but since they haven’t been operated on totally de-centralized environments or hardware’s, there has been some challenges and limitations. Most de-centralized applications are being established on networks with central servers- this is not palatable. Function-X platform is changing this with D-apps:
D-apps are de-centralized apps on the platform of Function-X, specifically on the X-phone (de-centralized environment).
D-apps, will be based on the employment of these Function-X constituents for it’s operation: f(X) IPFX; f(X) FXTP and f(X) D-docker.


We can say that the Function-X is a complete solution with sustainable technology to back up it’s purpose. With it’s 5-component utilities (f(X) IPFS, D-Docker, FX-TP, Chain/ledger and OS), Function-X is providing a fully de-centralized web structure, based on block-chain and latest technology, thereby, ultimately full-decentralization-enabled platform and products such as the X-phone and D-apps.

For more information about Function X, visit these Useful Links:

Website: https://functionx.io/#/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FunctionX.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/functionx_io

Concept paper: https://functionx.io/assets/file/Function_X_Concept_Paper_v2.0.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/functionx

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmS83bWNR43jwEOC6EJaOyw

ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5166702.0

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