What To Expect From Bluzelle's NFT Storage Mainnet

Adaora Anders
2 min readOct 28, 2021


The past few weeks have been remarkable in Bluzelle’s ecosystem. Just as the team continues to work behind the scenes, we can see the progressive advancements they are putting up with. Just recently, Bluzelle’s record storage was migrated from soft mainnet to full mainnet. This is in a bid to aid huge quantity of NFTs.

What This Integration Mean For Early Supporters

Following this auspicious integration, Bluzelle has moved on to reward its early supporters.

  1. Early Supporters will acquire quadruple staking rewards to honor this enormous fulfillment with the community.

2. Bluzelle will be increasing the daily staking rewards following these prerequisites below:

  • To encourage loyalty supporters.
  • To encourage long staking tenure.
  • To encourage larger stakes.

Staking awards are given out on a every day basis and these are fully expressed and shown on the user's balance sheet (this is different from the “reward” vicinity of the dashboard).

What Are The Benefits of Switching To The Storage Mainnet?

The new Bluzelle Storage Mainnet will allow users to transfer, receive, and share documents with larger files up to 100 MB. This is a considerable development due to the fact it could be used to transport, store, and share big photographs, tune documents, and movies. This capacity limitation will experience an upward thrust within the confinement of Bluzelle community’s maturity, growing the projects to result in extensive adoption.

This means that as soon as you get your documents uploaded, it will likely be saved at a rate greater than 50 nodes all over the world. This is a small quantity of nodules in assessment to Bluzelle’s eyesight.

The Bluzelle ecosystem also sets itself with the intention of mixing blockchain with torrent.

What Is A Torrent Record?

A torrent record, additionally referred to as a meta-data document, is a pc document that includes metadata comprising the documents and folders to be distributed, in addition to a listing of the community places of trackers, which might be computer systems that use the BitTorrent record distribution system’s participants to assist in discovering one another and give rise to a smooth running distribution group referred to as swarms.

Bluzelle is using a model 2.0 of the torrent community, wherein all the Bluzelle nodes also are torrent-friendly.


Bluzelle uses the torrent record to ensure that user’s documents safe and circulated globally. This is to ascertain that users do not lose their information and documents. Hence, they can be stored in as many copies as possible in Bluzelle’s decentralized database.

Learn more about this milestones here and visit Bluzelle’s website for more information.