Adaora Anders
3 min readJun 17, 2022


What Makes Metis Outstanding From Other Protocols

MetisDAO has brought a new and advanced ecosystem that will be more advantageous than other protocols that have been in existence. With its Optimistic Rollup, a coding system that has brought a new realm to the layer-2 protocol creating an atmosphere that will help stabilize the Ethereum gas fee and solve the issues of the NFT minting fee.

Creativity has been the mission of MetisDAO team members, seeing that the virtual world is well-governed and generates more profit for its users.

Currently, we can acknowledge that so many protocols on layer-2 are experiencing difficulties that have affected their market stability. These have resulted in the depreciation of their token value and ecosystem worth as a result of the problems faced on the blockchain network on which these ecosystems are built and programmed.

As a successful protocol, MetisDAO has been at the forefront in making its ecosystem user-friendly for users. Here are some keys that make Metis outstanding from other protocols:

The issue of coding Smart contracts from scratch isn’t easy.

Metis was able to build an ecosystem that initiates this step to be simpler for developers and programmers. And these are high barriers in the building of any protocol due to the unavailability of quality developers, and the increased demand for such is increasing. MetisDAO has created a server that makes coding easier and understandable and overcomes an all-time drawback by installing a coding format that helps solve developer’s problems.

Instead of wasting much time on creating just one coding step, it can be easily copied from the Metis server to the developer layer-2 surface.

The cost for running store data on Ethereum is extremely expensive.

Usually, it costs huge amounts of money to offer the storage of a cheap and decentralized file on the Ethereum network. However, on the Metis ecosystem, the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is a well-established system that aids the storing and accessing of files and data in the virtual world has been established. This helps to secure sensitive data that are not to be reviewed by the public. And it also acts as a public network, which means it’s free to be accessed by anyone but the factor that guarantees safety is now the server on which the file or data are stored using the IPF system. The IPFS is a content-addressable network, which makes all the content stored in it, be identified by a special detector called Content Identifier(CID).

This CID differs from content to content, and this might depend on the server on which it is operated when there is a little alteration on the content or file the CID of such alters too. So the CID of any content can easily be altered. And it has been affecting NFT metaverse space for a long time.

The idea of atomically interacting with the IPFS and on-chain became possible. The limit to accessibility to the number of files to be stored is withdrawn when using the MetisDAO on layer2.

There are majorly two storage formats used by Metis in its virtual machine integration with the IPFS. In which the regular VM store the blockchain and user account details. While the storage connects directly with the IPFS helping keep the files, data, and website properties. Metis leverage technology has been a new world that will help and support the NFT ecosystem and ensure the safety of NFT assets. Metis IPFS is designed in such a way it forms a cluster node that is regular and can run a private sub-networks. The data stored in the IPFS cluster is not shared with the public from the other protocol IPFS thereby securing the data of tokens built on the Metis ecosystem than that created on the Ethereum network itself. So Metis is safer to save sensitive information and will be well-secured than other protocols. These will ensure the safety of the NFT minting process and other assets that require farming yielding steps.

You can learn more about Metis by following their website and join their telegram group for more information.