The Benefits Of Developing DApps On Cartesi

Adaora Anders
4 min readNov 20, 2020

The world is rapidly changing with the help of the new technologies being introduced into the digital system.

The usual methods of operation are being improved on a daily basis through the advent of better advanced technologies which are used in the development of different tools and products which improves the entire global system.

That's why almost every industry is striving towards ensuring that digitization finds its way into their system, so as to help them perform more efficiently than before and the gaming industry are not exempted from this revolution, seeing as the new technologies are also being adopted in its system.

Being that the gaming industry is very vast and one of the most valued in the global system mostly because of its benefits both the the world and its users, highly sophisticated technologies are needed to ensure that it functions at full force so that the users do not miss out on the value which it adds to them.

The advent of the blockchain technology has become a turning point in the entire digital space including the gaming industry seeing as it will help birth advanced and intriguing games and also help this industry deliver the best gaming services to participants.

Depending solely on the blockchain in the development of quality games and improving the gaming industry is also very challenging as the existing blockchains are not fully efficient mostly in handling large volumes of data and making operations affordable. This makes the creation and deployment of gaming DApps and other decentralized applications to be challenging for developers, thereby denying the global masses access to improved applications.

Building DApps On Cartesi

Cartesi is a system that was developed with the purpose of facilitating the easy creation of DApps.

It joins the security and consensus provided by the Blockchain technology and its Linux operating system, just to make sure that the Dapps created is able to execute any kind of operation in a decentralized, secured and cost efficient manner.

Every DApp created on Cartesi is made to be fully scalable so as to reach a great number of users without stress.

Meet Cartesi's First Decentralized Application - Creepts

Cartesi facilitated the development of an intriguing gaming DApp on its infrastructure called Creepts, to show its efficiency when it comes to the building of decentralized applications and to give users a great gaming experience.

Creepts is a decentralized tower defence tournament game, having its participants engage in a form of competition for the highest score and takes the single-elimination style until a winner emerges.

This great game was the first gaming DApp built and deployed on the Cartesi, with the help of the blockchain and the Linux operating system made available on Cartesi, among many other development tools which it provides.

Cartesi ensured that security is maintained while using the Creepts DApp as it leverages the Ethereum blockchain and to make sure it is not limited in any way, it takes the computations off-chain making it cost effective and variable on-chain.

This DApp functions with great efficiency as a result of the sophistication of the infrastructure on which it was created (Cartesi).

What This Means For Systems Building Their DApps On Cartesi

Cartesi is indeed disrupting the creation of DApps, as seen in the gaming industry and a lot of other systems where it has been adopted.

The development of Creepts on Cartesi shows that Cartesi has all that is needed to bring any decentralized application to life.

Cartesi facilitates the creation of highly scalable DApps embedded with great features to improve the performance of any system, and this will go a long way for different systems who wish to have their own application and make it accessible to all.

So for any system which wants to create and deploy decentralized applications which will function in their system and beyond, the full stack development software, Linux operating system and the Blockchain provided for developers is exactly what you need as it does not just guarantee the creation of sophisticated and cost efficient Dapps, but also makes their creation to be easy for the developers.


Cartesi DApps development is really out to see to it that the global system is impacted positively as it supports the creation of fully scalable DApps by combining the power of blockchain and its Linux operating system. It has in its arsenal, all the tools which a developer needs to create any kind of DApp to serve any purpose, which is obviously great news for the different systems which have been looking for a reliable system on which they can build their DApps.

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