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3 min readJun 11, 2021


StaFi, Staking Finance is a finance synchronized blockchain that solely concentrates on liquidity of locked assets for a period of time now. We have about five of such PoS projects which have been set-up including StaFi. However to achieve all round success of StarFi goal, there is need for concerted efforts of other block-chain and DeFi protocols collaboration.

StaFi Initial Proposal

StaFi had shown interest by raising a proposal on curve DAO to install rETH/ETH trading pair sometime late April. It was however, successful. The feat stipulates that StaFi rETH Token will be integrated into top DeFi protocols such as Yearn.Finance and other DeFi top protocols. rETH/ETH has been enlisted on the curve. One of the strong beliefs of StaFi is in the free trading concept of rETH Token as it will enforce liquidity of locked assets. rETH Token forms one of the rToken pairs whose staking solution is from ETH2 (Ethereum 2.0).

What Is rETH Token

rETH Token is a staking source of Eth2 developed by StaFi. It gives sure assurances for Eth2 liquidity staking at ease. Its use spans through when ETH is locked by users by engaging the rETH App. The rETH Token is solely dependent on the staking of ETH and the aftermath rewards considering all time trading flexibility of rETH App. Staked asset liquidity is most assured every time users trades and rewards are granted as such.

Incorporation Of StaFi crvRETH Vault in Yearn.Finance

Yearn.Finance provides solace to various De-Fi (Decentralize Finance) products and protocols. The sole objective of Yearn protocol is to build an easy environment for De-Fi products for ease in navigation to its users. Yearn.Finance as well initiates access to its own products, YFI Token is the governance token here. Yearn.Finance would make it easy for any user who holds ETH to get involved in yield farming with just ETH. Users can also make deposits and withdrawals in ETH by using the rETH token icon on Yearn.Finance.

Usefulness Of staking On With rETH Token On Yearn.Finance

  1. Stakers on Yearn.Finance can now join in ETH staking on the rETH option by StaFi.

2. There is no barrier of time for users trading -rETH App users can trade ETH at any time and have full benefits of liquidity and certainty of low price risks.

3. More rewards are guaranteed-Since stakers are automatically connected to efficient validators for each trade. There are high possibilities of obtaining more rewards on trades.

4. Validators are helped in such a way that stakers can sell part of ETH staked in SC back to StaFi

5. Whenever ETH is now staked on rETH option, a certain amount of rETH Token would be given access to and corresponding rewards.

Adding rETH Option On Curve

  1. Go to and connect to metamask wallet. Download and install metamask if need be.

2. Input ETH/rETH option and click deposit.

3. Click on the tag ‘maximum amount of coins acceptable’.

4. User can now start depositing

To Access crvRETH Vault On Yearn.Finance

Vault allows users to insert tokens which are then automatically conditioned to bring returns and rewards. To access crvRETH vault on Yearn.Finance

  1. Go to

2. Click on the three horizontal lines

3. Scroll down and click on crvRETH

4. Withdraw.

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