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StaFi 2021 Roadmap: Q3 Breakdown

The StaFi protocol 2021 roadmap is loaded with lots of scheduled additions. The first half of the year has seen the implementation of some of these items. With an eventful Q1 and Q2 of the 2021 StaFi roadmap, expectations are high for the Q3 of this journey.

For the third quarter of 2021 StaFi roadmap, here’s what’s to expect going forward:

  1. Creation of More rTokens

As the popularity of synthetic derivatives hits the roof, StaFi protocol looks set to cover more assets in its rToken. rSOL, rBNB, and rMATIC have been earmarked for further research and development.

The choice of SOL, BNB, and MATIC for the rToken development scheme comes as no surprise to many. These network tokens are native tokens of PoS chains, which the StaFi protocol caters for through its synthetic derivatives offering.

By the 3rd quarter of 2021, the development of the rToken app for these network tokens will take place. Besides the trio, more rTokens — rADA, rAVAX, endear, rIRIS, and rROSE — will be evaluated towards a possible development.

Though StaFi protocol looks to expand its synthetic derivatives supply, the pros and cons of each rToken solution are weighed to ensure a robust rToken solution.

Besides the network tokens, others in the Cosmos SDK and Substrate ecosystem will be captured using similar criteria for evaluation. The projects — Terra, Band, Plasma, and more — in this category are much easier to induct into the rToken family due to the existence of a working framework.

2. More Integrations Planned

Pushing the frontiers of the rToken is another focal point for StaFi in the third quarter of 2021. Creating utilities for the rTokens is one of the integrations. Currently, rTokens can earn rewards on Curve, WrapFi, and Stone. More of such utilities will reduce the marketing budget considerably. Mining projects are expected to get a boost in the 3rd quarter of 2021. This will build on the successes of the liquidity mining on Curve, Stone, and WrapFi.

Q3 will also witness some background work on rTokens being used as collateral. Since lending platforms like AAVE, MakerDAO, and Compound will have to put this to vote, some community input is needed. Consequently, this might take longer than Q3 to materialize.

3. Modifications To The rToken App

The rToken app gives you control over the synthetic derivatives, regardless of your role in the virtual world — staker or validator. For such a powerful tool, upgrades are needed to ensure it’s sophisticated enough for the job.

The user interface of the rToken app still has its pitfalls. That’s one area that will receive a lot of attention in Q3. Any optimization done on the rTokens app’s UI/UX will consider the input of users. Validators will see palpable changes to the UI/UX of their rToken app as StaFi moves to meet the growing demand for synthetic derivatives.

4. Novel Additions

A surge in minted rToken is expected as more people enjoy the benefits of liquid staking. The jump in minted rToken is a double-edged sword — it’s all dependent on how the increase is handled.

rToken product creation is a possible workload for Q3. This will engender more organic growth for the rTokens as acceptability indices get better.

Q3 will see some monumental protocol upgrades such as the insurance solution, its lending counterpart, and more. The StaFi team will tinker with the protocol layer to make these changes.

5. Security

In De-Fi, security remains crucial, else attackers will exploit the system. Expect a hands-on-deck approach towards improving the security status of the StaFi protocol. Q3 will come with an improvement in StaFi tokenomics as decentralization efforts are rekindled through the opening of additional RPC nodes and relay bridges.


StaFi aims to stay the course of a secure and highly functional protocol in Q3. Users can expect more products that inject life into rTokens.

StaFi intends to stay on top of its game as more projects venture into liquid staking. It’s an ‘evolve or die’ situation, and StaFi has chosen the former.

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