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Block-chain: its massive acceptance, influence and spread

Sequel to its being introduced into the technological sphere, has inarguably and almost instantly gained a tectonic level of reception. It’s complex simplicity as well as its usefulness makes it a precious gift to the world. Block-chain technology’s nature, structure and amazing features have made it extremely versatile. It’s like a ground of foundation on which various aspects of the technological industry and other industries can build on and thrive more. A greatly increasing list of platforms are signing-in into the idea of block-chain. The reason is simple: block-chain is gateway to almost everything needed for efficient and safe data management. Interestingly, block-chain technology, when utilized, can be introduced in doing even the simplest and minutest of day-to-day activities and common transactions such as making of payments, granting of loans, management of funds, charging of electronics, certifications, sharing of energy, personal identification, issuance of shares, organization of industrial processes, voting, registration of things or people, making predictions, management of hospital records, verifying, etc. Very importantly, block-chain technology comes to cater for crypto needs. Block-chain’s wide range of reception has made it find way into numerous sectors of economies and spheres such as Trading, Health, Gaming, Education, Technology, etc, and has helped to break a lot of limits or obstacles. Block-chain addresses simple issues or challenges that if block-chain had not been introduced, would have led to greater problems, less efficiency, discouragement, unnecessary time consumption, trust issues, and lack of optimal utilization of data
Block-chain has the ability to improve on a variety of the world’s industries because of its transforming and highly impactful usefulness and advantages such as:

  1. Higher level of transparency/openness
    2. Enhanced security index
    3. Low-risk safety
    4. Improved traceability
    5. Increased efficiency and speed
    6. Reduced costs
    7. No need for middlemen or agents
  2. Block-chain permits information to become stored, sharable, accessible but not alterable. It provides transparency but not vulnerability. It provides digital management that cannot be hacked. Block-chain makes transacting faster, less expensive and records of trading become simple, straightforward.

Serenity Block-chain Platform in the Energy Sector
Today, Block-chain has been brought into the Energy/Power Sector and its introduction is aimed at bringing transparency, openness, ease, speed to the people of this Sector, the relationships between them, and transactions.
Serenity Network is a product of the Serenity Source Pty Ltd, and has introduced block-chain (and Smart Contracts) into the Energy/Power Sector and aims to establish block-chain in the sector all in a bid to make the sector an improved and better site.

The Serenity (Block-chain) Ecosystem
The Serenity (Block-chain) Ecosystem is a business methodology or innovative system that depends on the utilization of Smart Contracts and high-technology block-chain for the enablement of better processes, more efficient transactions, and more satisfactory results in the Sector.
This ecosystem helps users and producers in this sector to be able to effectively monitor, and have better control and confidence over how the energy generated is consumed, and shared within the sector
It gives room for better understanding of the benefits and opportunities open to the participants of this sector
The Serenity Source Pty Limited has figured out the main challenges and limitations being faced in the Sector and aims to address these challenges via the Serenity Block-chain Ecosystem.

The Serenity Source Pty Limited: Overview
Elmar Neimar, Co-founder, CEO @ Serenity Source Ptd Ltd, member of Global board of Directors and Ambassador for Australia & NZ for GABC Global Association for Block-chain & Cryptocurrency Architect, inventor, a block-chain evangelist
Adi Saric, Co-founder, CEO @ Serenity Source Ptd Ltd, Director of Auset Pacific Pty Ltd, Electronic Engineer, investor, a block-chain evangelist
The company also consists of a core team and advisors. It also boasts of a good number of patners who support the purpose and vision of the company through various means.

The vision of Serenity can be summarized as follows: to achieve a serene world, such that all household is able to produce forms of energy that can be renewed or that possesses a source of supply that is continuous or has the ability to re-grow. This means every family or individual residential building becomes a small-sized apparatus that generates electricity while it is being linked to various distribution substations. The households become part a distributed community and their involvement in the generation and sharing of electricity is translated into money via rewards from the main electrical Retailers.

According to them, the company plans:
To develop an ecosystem that’s so much based on a multi-faceted block-chain, backed (supported) by really substantial business, ensuring the encouragement of enhanced living and smooth transition/change for renewable energy production and DER technologies
To encourage members of Serenity to live sustainably
To furnish homes for the specific purpose of turning them into near ‘Net-zero’ buildings and generate abundant green energy from resources that are really renewable and instantly translate amount invested into profits and rewards through Serenity Platforms
To build a platform where all participant-members and entire community are assured of incentives and prizes for their participation.
The Company’s Goal:
Their goal is to become Energy (electric power) Retailer for every of their members and also grow in terms of influence, across the globe.

Why Serenity?
Serenity Source Pty Limited aspires or intends to reanalyze, review and reformulate the way that participant-members of the energy sector deal with energy. The company is especially concerned about and focused on the renewable-energy-sector and the employment/utilization of the power and versatility of block-chain. They intend to achieve the following and more:
completely change the system of electrical energy production as well as its trading
utilize ‘carbon credits’ as a source of profit
sell and allow rental of HEPEK smart devices, accept affiliate licensing and
make more revenue via transaction fees charged on Serenity platform
Distinctively, Serenity’s model is not like the common traditional ways of distributing energy, in that it transacts energy trading, excess energy trading, and other subsidiary (additional) activities over the block-chain.
The Serenity Platform will
be linked to national, public electricity operators
provide the equilibrium necessary between the demand and supply of electrical power
give timely and effective responses or actions at the sub-station level
and also achieve a structural transition (transformation or change) as regards block-chain and renewable

The Serenity Token and its uses
The company, therefore, will launch its own token that will be backed (pegged) by real world assets (energy as commodity) and the crowd-power. The token will perform as a utility token.
The utility nature of Serenity token makes it useful in for the following:
Acquiring access to services by Serenity
Performing work of the Serenity network
Getting reward portions in Serenity revenues gathered
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