Securely Exchange Everus Token (EVR)

Adaora Anders
3 min readOct 28, 2020

Seeing that every system needs a currency with which it can function effectively, Brexily exchange which is part of the Everus ecosystem is no exception to this.

It has its own cryptocurrency which facilitates seamless transactions on its system called the Everus token, and is given the ticker of EVR.

EVR token is considered to be the native token of Brexily exchange and the Everus ecosystem at large, and is used to carry out different kinds of transactions both on Brexily exchange and other systems that make up Everus.

This unique token is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum network, which is obviously one of the few reliable blockchain in the industry, so as to ensure the efficiency in every operation carried out with the token.

EVR token is the driving force of Brexily exchange as transactions and the functioning of the entire system is hinged on it, and with a unique token as this, Brexily will make the transactions in cryptocurrency to be seamless and profitable to all, making its global adoption possible.

Here are some of the intriguing things which could be done with the EVR token.

Use cases Of Everus (EVR) Token

EVR token was minted with a lot of operations in mind, as it will not just power the operations of Brexily exchange, but the entire Everus system.

It is used for trading purposes on Brexily exchange, unlocking the full perks of cryptocurrency trading to its users, as anyone who trades a cryptocurrency with an EVR trading pair, is allowed to enjoy zero trading fee for the transaction.

EVR token also plays an important role in the Earn Crypto program launched on Brexily exchange, as participants who choose to lock-in the EVR token on the system, get about double of the reward given for locking in other crypto assets on the system. So it is safe to say that with the EVR token, you can gain more on Earn Crypto.

The one-stop crypto payment solution launched by Brexily called BrexCo, is another standpoint where EVR token could be used in making different kinds of payments with ease.

Where Can Everus (EVR) Token Be Traded?

This brings us to a very important question, where can one trade the EVR token?

In order to make EVR available to all, it has been listed on varieties of exchanges for the benefits of traders and users of Brexily, so as to ensure that they are able to seamlessly exchange their token with ease.

Here are the listed exchanges… being a very reliable cryptocurrency exchange, is one of the exchanges where users can trade their EVR token for great profits.

And to make it easier for anyone with any type of crypto asset to trade the EVR, it is listed against different trading pairs such as…




To get started just head to is another great exchange which has listed EVR tokens for trading.

Vindax is one of the most renowned exchanges in the cryptocurrency industry which facilitates the trading of numerous cryptocurrencies, and now also supports the trading of EVR with the following pairs…





Head to over to Vindax and trade EVR token on Vindax.

Users can now trade their EVR token on, as the token is also listed on this unique exchange against different trading pairs including…




You can register on IndoEx also gives users the ability to trade the Everus (EVR) token. is one of the many exchanges known for the availability of trading liquidity, to make the trade of cryptocurrencies smooth, which now includes the EVR token, seeing as it has been listed to have the pairs…



Simply register on Crex24 to begin trading.


Having gotten the necessary details about Brexily exchange native token EVR, everyone can now enjoy the benefits that the system has to offer, as it has simplified the trading of this token by getting it listed on numerous cryptocurrency exchanges.

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