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One cannot state for a fact in one sitting the latent possibilities that block chain technology holds for our future and in different sub sets of our world. It has since revolutionized several aspects of our living. The fiscal, health sector, how we learn, trades and commerce and several other aspects of existence.

The definition of stagnancy is when something is at a point and never move. But the reverse is the case when we talk about blockchain. This technology exploded in 2017 after the high raise in it’s worth. However, it is a necessity for this technology to keep improving if it must stand the test of time. As a result of this, many setups have emerged to improve the technology, and each of them has what they really wants to address. The same thing applies to SERENITY because the setup seeks to address the issue of light energy that is affecting the world in general using the blockchain technology to actualise this.

In a world where nature is consistently driven to the edge owing to the large dependence on fossil energy a change is fast needed. Shocking as it sounds human consumption is set to surpass the daily, about a million terajoules of energy. Furthermore, with the spread of mechanization and the universal populace surge, this in turn spurs the rise in energy ingesting and a large degree of the energy consumed comes from fossil fuel.
Some frivolous activities man embark on irrespective of the future outcome hence money is involved and man look out for is best way to end a living not minding the harm involved. Even with the knowledge of the side effects of the widespread used carbon sources of generating energy, it still cannot be stopped or prevented due to the importance and the way it keeps life moving. However, it has been associated to major natural disasters and the ones to come if its use is prolonged further in the future. These problems and consequences is what makes it so imperative to seek for something that can serve as an alternative with no grave consequences to the entire human race. To that quest have SERENITY came forward to give an alternative provision to the energy consumers.

The deleterious effect on our humongous energy ingesting on our society is telling, the burning of coal, oil and gas etc. are the leading drivers to the rising levels of green house gases to the atmosphere and a leading source of the depletion of the ozone layer and climate change. Thus, showing we are on a path to self-destruction. No doubt implementing a shift is not only necessary, but a cannot do without, since we have just this our planet and no alternative.

Greenhouse activities comprises of burning of fossil fuel likely coal and natural gas and other Toxics, scientifically and health wise, gas emission appears to be a very high risks to human health. The chemicals emitted these processes are hazardous to man and funny enough we can’t deal with it because we keep breathing and inhaling the toxic substances. its a process that goes beyond here. It changes climate thereby keeping it warm.

This is why, leveraging on the tremendous benefits of blockchain, Serenity brings the much-needed break, to the energy sector.
The serenity establishment seeks to usher in a new dawn, seeking bring a change in how we consume and produce energy for consumption. This causing a paradigm shift in the current model and refocusing on renewable energy generation, sales and ingesting with the aid of blockchain. it will further aid maintainable living and also offer a safe shift towards renewable energy creation.

All these will come to be via the following key features.
1. For energy retail, a small fee will be charged users and this will be relatively small compared to the existing players. To curb waste, extra renewable energy will be vended on wholesale.
2. Alternative sources of energy will be opted for which will drive renewable energy generation, and the Serenity will fund such individuals who contribute generated energy to the power grid via their ERC20 tokens.
3. Incredibly so, users on this platform will be rewarded on two factor scales, firstly, when they generate energy to the general grid (a sort of crowd funding) and when they cut down and lessen energy use and wastage. This token rewards can be exchanged for fiat eventually.
4. The Serenity company will embark on massive residential buildings, complaint to their energy generation and consumption models, equipped with solar boards, batteries for Net Zero dwellings. These houses will be primarily poised towards renewable energy generation and traded to investors who will then receive rents or rented out directly.

The serenity token (SET)is built on ERC20 protocol. It is designed to be used as a means of payment for energy transaction and every activity regarding energy, and this process is usually on their platform SERENITY.

Token Sales Information

Token Name: SERENITY

Ticker: SET

Token Standard: ERC-20

Platform: Ethereum

Role of Token: Utility

Token Supply: 500 million

Soft Cap: $5 million

Hard Cap: $20 million

Exchange Rate: 1 SET =$0.1

Country of Registration: Australia

There are some countries that will be unable to participate due to some security reason: these countries are, Iraq, China, Syria, North Korea, Afghanistan, the United States. As the platform is a unique on, every of its activity appears unique and transparent.

SERENITY is a decentralized platform built on blockchain technology to revolutionize electricity and its hazardous effects to man through the use of the platform tokens SET and with team of great minds to ensure these issues are put to a stop.

To cap it all, there will exists a Serenity community, consisting of prosumers, consumers, energy generators etc. all geared to the common cause. Causing a shift in the current energy management model. For their commitment, they will be rewarded eventually from revenues generated for the numerous projects embarked on by the system. SERENITY is here to revamp the menace and bring back a true energy. Good!

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