Recent Listings On Brexily Exchange

Adaora Anders
2 min readOct 22, 2020

Brexily cryptocurrency exchange which is obviously one of the efficient exchanges developed to facilitate the seamless trade and exchange of digital currencies, has also listed some new tokens on its system.

This was done in the quest to facilitate the global adoption of currencies and help create a borderless economy, where transactions can be carried out without any form of limitations.

Brexily exchange has just listed the Enjin token, which has the ticker ENJ, HT and the MKR token for trading on the reliable exchange.

Enjin (ENJ), the token of the Enjin platform which is a giant system in the gaming industry, is now open for trading on Brexily with different trading pairs such as the ENJ/BTC, ENJ/ETH, ENJ/LTC, ENJ/USDT and the ENJ/EVR pairs, all to ensure that every trader can easily exchange their ENJ token to its pairs, without stress.

The Huobi Token called HT, the native token of one of the prominent exchange platforms that is used for transactions in the system, has also been listed on Brexily exchange.

Brexily has opened the trading of the Houbi Token (HT), making it accessible for both the global users and traders around the world.

To make it even better, the listing on the Huobi Token was focused on five different trading pairs which includes; HT/BTC, HT/ETH, HT/LTC, HT/USDT as well as HT/EVR.

So, users can now get themselves some Houbi Tokens and cryptocurrency traders will also be able to trade HT on Brexily, and make great profits.

Another listing by the Brexily exchange is the recognized and accepted token of the MakerDAO platform called the Maker, which has the symbol MKR.

Trading for this token has also been opened on Brexily exchange, making it fully accessible to everyone who wishes to own or trade the token.

Several trading pairs including MKR/BTC, MKR/ETH, MKR/LTC, MKR/USDT, MKR/EVR were launched with the trading of the token, to ensure its seamless trading.

These are just a few of the recent listings on Brexily exchange, showing its great contribution to the mainstream adoption of digital currencies.

It is important to note and understand the volatility risks involved in trading new tokens listed on an exchange, and that should be put into consideration while trading these listed tokens on Brexily.


Having noted the potential trading risks, you can exercise caution while trading, so as to ensure that you make great returns. Your unwavered support is highly appreciated.

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