Recent Developments In Cartesi

Adaora Anders
4 min readOct 12, 2020

The progress of Cartesi platform keeps spreading across the globe, positively affecting different sectors as it has facilitated the creation of different kinds of DApps (Decentralized Applications) which has been adopted by these sectors for their benefits to improve their performance and help them provide better and more reliable services to their users.

But the Cartesi platform is not ending there, as it has recognized the need to introduce more benefits to every user on its system which will subsequently better the global system at large.

In respect to this, Cartesi has gone ahead to facilitate more developments on the system, all of which will be enjoyed by the users.

So, we are going to take a close look at some of...

The Recent Milestones Of Cartesi

These are the recent achievements of Cartesi ecosystem in their quest to ensure that additional advantages are given to the users, which are not enjoyable on other similar systems.

The Progressive Movement Of The Roadmap

This is the first achievement we will be considering, seeing as the Cartesi roadmap, a detailed plan which was put in place by Cartesi, of how their goals will be achieved.

Cartesi's roadmap contains every detail on how it will go about its developments in order to drive a great revolution in the Blockchain system and Dapps industry, including the time frame for each development.

So far, a careful look at the Roadmap clearly indicates that it is moving according to plan, meaning that every of its intended goals is being achieved at the right time.

Currently as indicated by the Roadmap, Cartesi platform is in between two stages which are the integration and the mainnet stage, having successfully achieved feats like the implementation of an improved version of the Descartes SDK which was directed at making the system for developers and facilitate the creation of fully scalable DApps, as well as other planned developments.

The progressive movement of Cartesi’s roadmap is very important seeing as other systems are unable to follow through with what they promised on the roadmap, making users miss out on great benefits from the system.

Further Development Of The PoS Prototype

The PoS consensus has been the highly anticipated development of Cartesi platform, seeing as a lot of users are looking forward to it, which is quite normal for a major development, following the benefits it will bring to the system and its users.

The PoS (Proof-of-Stake), will facilitate the staking of digital currencies such as the Cartesi token, on the system, a means through which users can earn more rewards by locking up their tokens on the system, for a period of time.

Cartesi is developing a PoS system because of the inefficiency of the PoW (Proof of Work) used in different systems, as it is unable to ensure a guaranteed security and give more rewards to its users.

To show how swift Cartesi is moving, it has released the PoS prototype which allows for the testing of this algorithm and its features such as the staking and mining reward functions, to ensure that it will function effectively when deployed for the use of the entire system.

In no distant time, users will be able to carry out staking on the system, and enjoy the rewards thereof

Launch Of The Incubation Program

This is another great achievement made by Cartesi platform, aimed at empowering developers in their creation of intriguing DApps.

This DApps incubation was launched by Cartesi in partnership with Gitcoin, to facilitate the development of improved Dapps that will feature in revolutionizing the world.

So, this program is meant to provide the developers with everything they would need to create these DApps, including development tools, professional guides from experts as well as the funding needed for the entire operation.

For a particular team of developers to qualify for the program, they first have to apply presenting their proposal, after which the three best proposals are selected and supported fully by both Cartesi and Gitcoin, just to see to it that life-changing Dapps are created.

At the end of the project, the team are also given more rewards for their efforts and contribution to the system and the world at large.

This is an achievement which has been impossible with other systems, as is considered to be one of the major milestones reached by Cartesi, all for the benefit of the entire community.

In Summary,

Cartesi has achieved a whole lot in just a little time, when compared with other systems out there, in its quest to improve the global system, and help everyone benefit from this ongoing digital revolution.

As time goes on, Cartesi platform will keep unveiling major milestones which will add more value to the users.


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