Raze Network Launches Mainnet: What To Expect

Adaora Anders
4 min readNov 18, 2021

The long-anticipated Raze Network mainnet will be live in some hours. While the expectant Raze Network community might be jubilant, there’s a need to understand what this means for relevant stakeholders.

What’s Coming In Raze Network’s Mainnet?

Lots of things are expected on the mainnet, most of which is an improvement of what was obtainable on the testnet. So if you’re thinking Raze Network’s Mainnet wouldn’t be any different from its testnet, then you’re in for a surprise.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect on Raze Network’s mainnet:

1) Your ERC-20 And BEP-20 Asset Holding Remain Private

One of the things Raze Network is bringing to the blockchain is exclusive privacy. And on the network’s mainnet, we see that privacy preservation plays out nicely.

On mainnet, having a Raze account puts an end to worries about unauthorized persons snooping around your wallet due to the transparency of the digital ledger. Though this is expected for a project that’s focused on privacy protection, you get to experience that shield work in real-time.

By using Raze Network’s mainnet, your ERC-20 and BEP-20 asset holding remain private. That’s goodbye to all those on-chain tracking tools fishing for wallet balance where they shouldn’t.

2) Discreet Asset Transfer To Other Wallet Addresses

Outbound transfers have always been the undoing of privacy-providing protocols. Raze Network does something about that on its mainnet. Account-holders can transfer assets to other Raze addresses without losing privacy.

Privately sending assets to wallet addresses outside the Raze Network will come to mainnet in due time. It’s something not many privacy-providing protocols have managed, but that will change.

The extreme transparency of the digital ledger might have its uses, but there are times when privacy is needed. Certain occasions demand transaction details that are inaccessible to everyone. Raze Network will make that happen on mainnet.

Other Changes Made On Raze Network’s Mainnet

Certain testnet issues have been fixed on the mainnet. With the Raze Network community flagging some of these errors, mainnet nears perfection. Here are some of the changes you’d see on the mainnet:

Wallet Disconnection

On the testnet, community users reported issues of wallet disconnection while using Raze Network. If left unchecked, this can dissolve whatever privacy protection the protocol hopes to provide. Thankfully, the wallet disconnection issue gets resolved on the mainnet. Raze Network users won’t have to try reconnecting their wallets multiple times as that bug is fixed.

Transfer Confirmation

Another problem identified on the testnet was the transfer confirmation. Beta testers struggled in completing transfers to other users. This puts the efficiency of the blockchain protocol under scrutiny. But it’s a testnet, so these findings are crucial towards building a more capable privacy-preserving protocol.

On Raze Network’s mainnet, users will get to authenticate transfers without any niggling bugs. Also, privacy preservation will remain intact during these transfers.

Page Reload

Raze Testnet also revealed page reload issues. Testnet users complained the page reloaded incessantly, making the process of using the protocol rather unpleasant.

The page reload issue has been fixed on the mainnet. Users can reload pages when they want, not having a bug do that for them in the middle of a transaction. A page reload bug can be dangerous as multiple transactions can be concluded despite not having such an intention.

Max Mint Button

Using Raze Network’s testnet revealed a certain flaw – the conspicuous absence of the max mint button. This left users struggling with an alternative route to completing transactions where the max mint button is considered handy.

Raze Network tackles this problem in mainnet through the introduction of a highly efficient max mint button. Users are in for a most fluid process of transacting under the radar.

UI Logic Mistake

The user interface of the testnet is burdened with lots of bugs and errors. Such logic errors if left unchecked on the mainnet can affect how Raze Network serves users.

Fortunately, the Raze Network developers have fixed the UI logic error bug. This should make the use of the protocol more flexible and adaptable for anyone seeking privacy preservation when transacting on-chain.

Error Messages

As expected, error messages were quite abundant on the Raze Network testnet. That’s the aim of a testnet: to expose the flaws in codes written, and those of this blockchain Protocol were significant.

With the feedback from testnet users, the sources of these error messages have been traced and resolved. Raze Network mainnet promises to be free of these error messages that made navigating testnet feel like a landmine.

It is pertinent to note that the RAZE Mainnet will be going live on the BinanceChain before 18th of November. While Mainnet launch on the Ethereum blockchain will happen about a week after. The team plans to deploy into new chains in the near future. This will be announced in their new roadmap in December. You can read up more on this from the official Medium article here. Keep eyes peeled for the new Raze roadmap coming in December!


Raze Network mainnet is going live in a few hours, and the hype is massive. Being one of the few privacy-providing protocols on the BSC network, the protocol’s promise of end-to-end encryption of transactions is something many within the crypto have dreamt about. Will Raze Network mainnet live up to the hype? Only a few more hours to find out.

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