Parami Protocol And Liquid Mining

Adaora Anders
3 min readNov 3, 2021

Parami Protocol has been on the quest to return control and profit to users by building an ad platform for Web 3.0. The protocol hopes to achieve this via a handful of integrations, collaborations, and good ol’ liquidity mining.

Here are some of the things the protocol is doing to bring these objectives to reality.

Deploying The Social NFT

The NFT craze isn’t stopping anytime soon, and Parami is counting on that. The protocol’s resolve to create a user-focused attention marketplace works through the social NFT program. Currently, the protocol has integrated the code framework for the influencer social NFTs.

The social NFT program will allow for the tokenization of digital content, consisting of the creation, auction, and distribution of the non-fungible tokens.

Parami’s social NFT program will see advertisers scramble for users' attention, not the current practice where users are sidelined.

The social NFT program will allow all parties in the content business – ad networks, content consumers, and influencers – to interact without anyone feeling short-changed. This is one area where social media platforms fail woefully – they prioritize ad networks over other entities.

Liquidity Mining Opportunity

Parami’s native token, AD3 will play a significant role in the attention market. For those holding the AD3, the liquidity mining solution is the best way to increase their portfolio. The protocol has added the efficient liquidity mining solution that you’d find on Ethereum’s main DEX, Uniswap.

This liquidity mining program will provide AD3 holders with the chance to keep a tab on their assets without losing sight of the profit attainable.

Parami Protocol is launching its new wallet that allows AD3 token holders to access its liquidity mining programs and more. You can use the wallet to access other Parami services, including its marketplace, governance, and more.

Partnerships And Collaborations

Within the crypto space, projects don’t exist in isolation. They team up with fellow players, and the result is always worth it. Parami appears to be toeing this line. The protocol collaborated with MetisDAO, an optimistic rollup.

With the partnership with MetisDAO, Parami hopes to get its liquid swap solution right. The swap will be available on the protocol’s wallet, so all parties involved in the attention market can conduct their transactions in one place.

Also, Parami will collaborate with DeCredit, a credit authentication facilitating platform. The latter is a well-known player in the off-chain credit circle. Through this DeCredit partnership, lending platforms offers are available to more users, deepening the valuation of the DeFi space. Parami’s partnership with DeCredit will also allow the former to put its newly built framework to work.

Parami will also help MetisDAO leverage the protocol’s support for the autonomous organization. While Parami swap is reliant on the OR support from Metis, the ad privacy platform is counting on DeCredit for fleshing out the details of its PCAP, an integral part of the protocol’s ads solution.

The Future Of Ad Privacy

Parami intends to build an ecosystem that transforms Web 3.0 as we know it. The protocol brings user privacy, attention tokenization, and a whole of other incentives that will put existing social platforms on their toes.

Will Parami indulge the metaverse? Of course, that’s a no-brainer – the protocol is deploying the social NFT. This will change how users consume content, the interaction of the advertisers with user data, and the role of influencers.


A storm is brewing within the advertising industry, and Parami is making it rain. The only question on the lips of everyone is: can Parami blow our minds? From the Protocol’s partnerships and existing groundwork, the answer is rather obvious.

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