Parami Brings DAO Governance To 1Sol

The Parami Protocol’s offering — a tokenized economy that puts users in charge of their privacy and attention — hasn’t gone unnoticed. Frankly, it is hard to miss if we are truthful.

With the visible opportunities attainable through Parami, 1Sol, a DEX aggregator on the Solana blockchain, has come calling. 1Sol intends to leverage Parami’s many benefits for the good of the entire Solana network. From afar, this raises questions.

What This Collaboration Means For 1Sol?

The DEX aggregator hopes to expand its frontier across different chains — that’s what you’d expect from a DEX aggregator. Aggregating prices across decentralized exchanges on different blockchains isn’t an easy task. 1SOL is looking to engage the expertise of Parami to make this happen.

Since the DEX aggregator has its sights set on penetrating the Polkadot chain, Parami was the first choice. Parami will be aiding 1Sol to establish itself on the Polkadot chain. Once 1Sol can aggregate DEXs across several chains, its dominance in the De-Fi space grows stronger. Of course, this is what every De-Fi protocol wants, and 1Sol is no different.

What To Expect From This Collaboration

Parami will be helping 1Sol in community building; the protocol’s reputation in drawing the crowd precedes it. Being a marketplace for attention coupled with its privacy protection for users, Parami will be a beehive of activities.

Users are tired of being exploited for their attention without anything to show for it. So the Parami protocol is bound to captivate many. As users get attracted to Parami as flies to honey, 1Sol expects to be one of their preferred hubs.

Currently, 1Sol is not doing badly. For a DEX aggregator on a chain like Solana, 1Sol’s over 40k community members are more than many De-Fi protocols would hope for. Yet, the highly ambitious 1Sol is not letting up as it looks to build an even larger community, relying on the Parami protocol to make it happen. Perhaps its status in the Solana ecosystem is the driving force; Many see 1Sol as the leading DEX aggregator on Solana. The importance of a larger community isn’t just about bragging rights. By building a bigger and vibrant community, 1Sol creates a more decentralized ecosystem. Parami Protocol will see 1Sol’s DAO have more control over how the DEX aggregator operates. Through Parami’s privacy-preserving structure, community members will feel keener on chipping in their contribution towards the growth of 1Sol.

Parami’s Ad 3.0 framework will support the growth of the 1Sol ecosystem through the social NFT program. Both projects are certainly in agreement about the potential of the social NFT program; it is clear how this collaboration will proceed.

What Is In It For Parami?

It’s one thing to create cutting-edge technology, and it is another to have projects leverage your innovation. Through this collaboration with 1Sol, the Parami protocol will have both.

Having a leading DEX aggregator, like 1Sol rely on the Parami protocol for its Ad 3.0 framework is a big deal. It will create visibility for Parami in a crypto space where competition is getting stiff.

Parami stands to gain a lot from this partnership. Considering the towering status of 1Sol on Solana, the Parami protocol can expect many more projects looking to utilize its Ad 3.0 framework. It is a confidence booster to have a leading light on a profound blockchain — Solana — rely on your protocol for its community-building plan.


The Parami — 1Sol partnership will bring good tidings for users on both sides of the divide. Once the social NFT program kicks off properly, the entire crypto ecosystem will be better for it.

These are places where you can learn a lot about Parami, and talk to Parami communities










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