Adaora Anders
3 min readAug 15, 2021

Parami Bridges The Advertising Gap

Remember when commercials on television were such a big deal? Then, everyone looked forward to watching or catching a glimpse of these ads. They still are, but that depends on the occasion. Our attention span has taken a hit since then. Unsurprisingly, advertising has metamorphosed beyond the few minutes of ads on TV. These days, ad networks sink their fangs on your data.

User interactions on applications, games, social media channels, and more are the playground of these outfits. Remember that time you were conversing with friends online regarding a particular product, and you suddenly started seeing ads of that product or similar. Those are ad networks tracking your interactions and pitching you corresponding products.

Often, we laugh about it. Yet, it’s wrong. The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data breach is a reminder of how these platforms join forces to steal from users. This needs to stop. Else, advertising will continue to go downhill. And we know what that means for businesses. Parami Protocol, a leading blockchain project has come to revolutionize this. Sounds interesting? Read on!

The Parami Solution

To rescue advertising from the grips of unscrupulous ad networks, projects like Parami are springing up. For those unsure what Parami is, let’s get you up to speed. Parami is a blockchain project that’s built on the Substrate chain. The brains behind Parami got tired of the present advertising reality. So they decided to do something about it. Just like all the visionary we currently revere did their bit or are currently doing.

How Parami Works

Parami aims to create a digital environment where equity thrives. The ecosystem will consist of a DID layer. Here, the magic happens.

Identities are created for users through a series of processes. The Decentralized Identity also known as DID, regarded as a data registry, forms an identity for users using certain attributes. Being decentralized, the DID eliminates the possibility of data scandals like the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica mentioned earlier. Yet, Parami isn’t just an identity verification protocol. On Parami, there’s the privacy layer as well. This is part of the layers in the three-layered protocol. Here, user advert preferences are created.

The privacy layer ensures user data are no longer the subject of debate or contention. It hides such data from entities, making it crucial to pay for the data.

It’s thanks to the privacy layer that you no longer have to worry about anyone following your interactions and selling you products. That will never happen. This arrangement sees you control how your data is used. That’s a significant improvement from what’s obtainable currently. Parami helps advertising stakeholders as well. User engagement is the only way to ensure that happens. So the parachain tends to be the golden goose that lays the golden eggs!

On Parami, there’s the application layer. Here, user’s engagement takes place through the different activities put in place. You can farm the protocol’s native token, AD3.

Smartdrop events are also organized, getting our short attention span sorted. We can’t ignore that Parami’s decisions are totally in the hands of token holders. So if users get enough of those AD3 tokens, they decide how the protocol is run. Everyone knows how nasty advertising networks can be. So a project comes forward with the opportunity for users to have things their way, we can’t say no to that.

Closing Remarks

From afar, Parami might feel like a white elephant project. But we know those challenges are real. Blockchain technology can effectively checkmate the excesses of these advertising goons. So no matter what your thoughts are regarding Parami, they are not the enemy. The parachain is extending the olive branch for all parties in the advertising industry. For the future of advertising, this is our chance.

These websites below are places where you can learn a lot about Parami, and talk to Parami communities