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5 min readOct 11, 2019

Hello crypto investors and enthusiasts. I bring to you a new tiding. The question people often ask is, will crypto currency last the test of time? And will crypto currency exchange ever be secured and permanent? Checking around the recent happenings on the crypto space, one would easily conclude that crypto currency is gradually dying slowly just as we have exchanges gradually folding up.
In the light of these situation, permit me to unleash a new hybrid exchange to your subconsciousness. A super and #1 world’s p2p hybrid exchange which makes trades secured, easier, faster, cheaper and smarter. This exchange is none other than SYNCHROBIT EXCHANGE. This exchange is set to revolutionize the menace on the space.
With my article, I shall show you how efficacious is SYNCHROBIT EXCHANGE in solving your exchange problems, how secured it is, and why you should use platform and invest in it. I hope that by the end of this article, you will have credible reasons to use the SYNCHROBIT EXCHANGE. Read on!
The importance of crypto currency exchange cannot be overemphasized. So also, the need for a secured and credible exchange is the yardstick to making a healthy investment and savings. Ever since the inception of block chain technology, we have had different crypto currency projects emanating with different aims and goals. And of the most commonest of them all is the “Crypto Exchange”. The exchange is an integral part of the crypto currency. And we have a lot of exchange projects being developed on daily basis. These exchange projects often seek to solve one or more problems on the space which include:
1. The problem of insecurity is a major threat to all crypto exchanges. We have couple of big crypto exchanges which have folded up because of the security threats from scammers.
2. Another issue facing crypto exchanges is exorbitant fees. A situation where users are charged higher than expected for every transaction done.
3. Thirdly is the issue of hybrid trading. For instance, most exchanges we have today are limited to just few fairs. Some are limited to just btc and ETH pairs without having in mind to include other pairs such as fiat, precious metals and other commodities.
4. Another problem slwoing down the activities of the exchanges is the issue of delayed system and rigorous trading systems as such that users find it complicated to fully adjust to the platform.
5. Another major problem and a blow to the current crypto exchanges is a slowed support system etc.
All these and many more are the major threats to the smooth running operations of these current exchanges. However, a more credible and efficient system becomes to be sorted for. A need for more efficient trading and hybrid exchange is now sorted after. Hence, the auspicious launch of SYNCHROBIT EXCHANGE.

SYNCHROBIT EXCHANGE is the game changer. The first and indeed the last hybrid peer to peer trading exchange. With the SYNCHROBIT EXCHANGE, users would greatly benefit and enjoy a absolute conventional trading platform of various kinds of crypto currencies, option tradings, precious metals, binary and futures trading and lots more.
Below are the reasons or rather benefits if using the SYNCHROBIT EXCHANGE.
1. With SYNCHROBIT EXCHANGE, users will experience an utmost security system with their assets 100% secured.
2. With SYNCHROBIT EXCHANGE, users will get to trade faster and smarter. This will be made possible with the fact that:
* The Synchrobit exchange has a simple user interface which makes it easier for both newbies and oldbies to fully utilize.
* The Synchrobit exchange also provides various trading options for the users while trading.
* The Synchrobit exchange will provide a multi trading platform for trading of multiple cryptocurrencies, precious metals, option and future readings etc.
3. With the synchrobit exchange, would eradicate the heavy transaction fees placed on trades and withdrawals. In turn, would greatly reduce the fees.
4. Synchrobit exchange will not only serve as trading platform, it will also serve as solution provider for both new members and old members by providing trading tools and analysis.
5. Synchrobit exchange will offer a 24/7 non stop digital exchange.
This is amazing isn’t it. What are you waiting for? Well, let me say this again…
The SNB is the native token of the Synchrobit exchange. This SNB will be the major medium of transaction between the users and the exchange.
Transparency and Trust, Synchrobit exchange holds Transparency and trust at heart. Hence, the watch word of the exchange. Trust and transparency is the core values of the exchange. Synchrobit exchange is a hybrid peer to peer cryptocurrency trading exchange that will provide users with variety of trading options and pairs such as trading multiple cryptocurrencies, fiat, futures, options, margin, and binary trades with fiat, btc, bch, xlm and all other cryptocurrencies.

For more information about Synchrobit exchange, visit the following websites:
Website: https://snbtoken.io/
Whitepaper: https://snbtoken.io/images/wp.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/Synchronium
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SynchroniumLtd
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/synchrobit.exchange

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