Overview Of KingData

Features Of KingData

  • New Airdrops
    On KingData, users are fed with the latest reputable airdrops in the crypto space. It’s such a crucial benefit. The early bird still catches the biggest worms in crypto.
  • Whale Tracking
    The on-chain analysis is mostly down to wallet tracking. Only 0.01% of wallet owners hold the most bitcoins. These are the ‘whales’ on the blockchain, and their activities determine the price action of the digital asset. The Whale Tracking feature on KingData let users follow the activities of these whales, including live tracking, transaction monitoring, and more. It’s a great way to determine the best move in a crypto market that’s driven massively by sentiments.
  • Dapp Evaluation
    More and more decentralized applications (dapps) are launched on the blockchain. This can be quite confusing for those looking for the next big thing. Fortunately, KingData recently added the Dapp Evaluation feature to support the analysis of the latest dapps on the blockchain.
    The platform hopes to serve as a safe space where community leaders and influencers can brainstorm on these dapps for the good of the average investor.
  • APY NewLook
    Here, users can find everything on APYs of different yield farming protocols, lending pools, and more.
    The Farm APY has everything on yield farming APYs, which are properly categorized so users don’t have to spend more time navigating safe pools or the hottest APYs.
  • DEX Drill-down
    KingData also has decentralized exchange activity tracking covered in its DEX Drill-down section. Users can keep up with all the data on different wallet address behavior as it concerns DEX usage. This can prove quite efficient in identifying buying and selling opportunities.
    Dashboard Time-range selection
    Data analysis goes deeper into comparisons on KingData. The Dashboard time-range selection is where the magic happens. Data on different aspects of potential projects are compared side by side with the chains captured in this analysis.
    The dashboard comes in a crisp data display that’s easy to follow. You can also track the interplay of history thanks to the introduction of the historical data function.
  • DEX Data Analysis
    One of the ways to stay updated in the heavily cryptic crypto space is through data analysis. The KingData DEX Data Analysis is certainly one tool that gets the job done quickly and effectively.
    On the DEX Data Analysis section, you can see through scam projects before they pull the proverbial rug, which is something many investors still struggle with.
    This feature also critically analyzes liquidity pools and swap functions on relevant DEXs. Anyone looking to provide liquidity or trade on DEXs will find such analysis useful.
    Lots of ‘whales’ use DEXs for trades. Though all that data is available on-chain, the DEX Data analysis tool on KingData makes it convenient for anyone interested in following the money.
  • Dapp Ranking
    On KingData, you can stay informed on what Dapp is doing with those numbers, whether it’s the vividly captivating NFT space or the code-munching world of DeFi. Even GameFi isn’t left behind in the fun.
    The ranking is based on an assortment of metrics that revolves around data available on the blockchain.

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