Outstanding Features/Products of Parami Protocol

Adaora Anders
3 min readSep 19, 2021

The long wait for a web 3.0 focused advertising framework is over. Parami protocol makes that happen. As the web upgrades to a more sophisticated and collaborative internet space, advertising has to tag along.

Parami protocol is spearheading the advertising movement to Web 3 through its array of features and products. Here, we will be looking at these spectacular attributes of the protocol.

A DID Layer

This is one of the features of Parami Protocol that should make all the difference in the project’s plan. Creating a user-focused advertising agenda requires identifying all users, and the DID layer is where it all goes down.

Since most people have social media identities, Parami Protocol will connect that to the user’s blockchain wallet. Yes, thanks to this Parami feature, the identification of wallets is made possible. This helps deliver the tokenized economy that Parami hopes to achieve. The DID layer works on a decentralization template, so the management of personal information is not at the mercy of a centralized entity.

Ad Privacy Layer

Parami Protocol is one of the proponents of a less rigid, robust advertising industry. Such an advertising model is only possible if privacy concerns get priority. Now more than ever, people are interested in who has access to their personal data, especially when everyone is enlightened on the value of data.

The AD privacy layer of Parami Protocol helps ensure privacy gets the attention it deserves. It’s such an integral feature of the protocol that you can’t ignore its importance. Thanks to the Ad privacy layer, monetization takes place. Also, users decide how they engage with these ads through this layer.

Application layer

All the activities that go into retaining the interest of users take place in the Parami protocol’s application layer. A lot happens in the application layer.

One of the components of the application layer is its decentralized oracle. Parami Protocol is promoting AD 3.0, but this won’t happen without data. The protocol’s decentralized oracle achieves that without creating an undesired middleman.

The application layer is where the versatility of Parami Protocol is most visible. Lots of products form the bulk of this layer. Below are some of these products:

IM Support

Parami protocol integrates seamlessly with IM apps. The support for IM apps is made possible through its application layer. Users can enjoy the gains of a tokenized advertising economy even for their web 2.0 IM apps.


The digital JPGs are getting the attention many never expected, and Parami Protocol won’t be playing catch-up. Users can collect these non-fungible tokens through advertising campaigns as the protocol will support such assets.

Yield farming

Parami might be advertising-focused, but the protocol finds ways to ensure everyone gets their dues. The Substrate-based protocol will allow users to farm assets, incentivizing their participation in ad campaigns. Advertisers can also leverage this product in expanding their dragnet.


The application layer is also where AD3 holders get to strut their stuff. Holders can vote on proposals regarding the development of the protocol. These token holders also decide the fate of the council.


Another product that makes the application layer of Parami Protocol as exciting as ever is the smartdrop. Through this product, users get valuable assets delivered to their blockchain wallet. Criteria for such a drop depends on event participation.


Parami Protocol hopes to turn around the fortunes of the ailing advertising industry. The protocol relies on an assortment of these innovative features and products to make this happen.

Parami Protocol has all it takes to make a difference in the advertising industry. These novel products and features turn the tide for such an age-old industry.

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