Adaora Anders
4 min readApr 23, 2020

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone or something sends messages independently on your behalf as if you were the one who did it? Well, dogs don’t write, cats don’t reply text messages, your relatives wouldn’t be ready to spend all their time chatting on your behalf. You may be so busy that you haven’t enough time to reply all messages or make some dialogues, especially official ones (which are important).
So, getting a bot to do it for you, might be the best option. Through artificial intelligence (AI), bots can assist or take charge of messaging on your behalf and done satisfactorily (to a good extent).
AI? Yes, AI messaging! That’s way the OLPORTAL project is basically about. With OLPORTAL, project dialogues could be made with Artificial Intelligence.

It is a De-centralized messenger om neural/connectionist systems that has the ability to ensure dialogues in real life, through AI. With the Integrated Artificial Intelligence, it is now reasonable and possible to automatically create messages on one’s behalf and make intelligent conversations in various forms and styles. AI is used in form of neurobots that will have various personalities.

This concept (OLPortal project) is good to improve — in many ways — the efficiency and productivity of communication.
1. Speed: Both the speed of composing messages and that of interpreting received messages will be improved. Inarguably, a bot wouldn’t waste any time processing a message, neither would it be distracted by any external factors. It isn’t influenced by emotions, so, it always converses the way it should. This makes messaging faster.
2. Boosts the capability of users: Since bots can now take the place of humans in messaging, then, time is saved for humans. This means that there will be saving of time, energy as cost. One can now spent time doing other productive activities instead of messaging.
3. Communication Earnings for not users:
Users can set-up target neurobots, that makes it possible for users to earn from collaborating with OL-AIs (neurobots)
Also, private bots can be created for the aim of leasing them out or selling them at a price of your choice.
4. De-centralized: unlike the traditional communication networks which are being managed by central servers or service providers, OLPortal is de-centralized and based on a distributed network.

With the de-centralization feature comes other benefits:
You can become the sole controller of your information, and be rest-assured that it is safe. OLPortal AI provides the anonymity you desire; messages can be sent with complete sender anonymity
No blocking of opportunities and no censorship
With de-centralization, the attractiveness or acceptance of bots will increase.
All communication or personal data belongs to the user of a bot alone and never gets to any central sever.
Presence of freedoms of expression and absense of restrictions. In fact, nobody can block your account, except you.

Based on the Headers Hashgraph Platform
The creators of OLPORTAL have chosen to base their platform on the Headers Hashgraph Platform. OLPortal neurobots evolution will require high computational power and huge storage facilities for datasets for processing. The Hashgraph Platform will allow just that and also allow OLPORTAL ecosystem operations to be organized more effectively. With Hedera, the greatest speed of data processing can be attained.

OLPortal is the world’s 1st de-centralized messenger on a complex connectionist/neural networks with AI communication, and it is distributed in the OL-Net de-centralized network.
Messages and conversations can now be written and made in your stead and on your behalf. These conversations can be held in various forms and styles by the bot. You wouldn’t have to talk to a bit before it writes for you, instead, the bot makes dialogues independently and chats on your behalf by AI.
Isn’t that interesting?


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