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New Year, New rTokens? What POS Chains Will Get Liquid Staking Solutions in 2022

StaFi has made it clear that POS chains will get liquid staking solutions. This means we can expect new rTokens in the new year. Though these liquid staking solutions won’t come until later, there are reasons to be enthusiastic all the same.

In this piece, we are all about speculating on what POS chains will get the nod. So if that’s something you’d like to be a part of, read on!

Liquid Staking Solutions for POS Chains in 2022

In 2021, StaFi provided liquid staking solutions for a lot of Proof of Stake (POS) chains. For a project that started less than three years ago, that’s such a huge deal. Yet, the DeFi protocol isn’t calling it quit just yet. Staking Finance recently revealed that more POS chains will have liquid staking solutions in 2022. This comes as other innovative products like rDEX and StaFiHub will be delivered around the same timeline.

Here are the POS chains likely to get liquid staking from StaFi:

  1. Near

This has been a long time coming. Since Solana was on board to the rToken ecosystem, the addition of Near became highly likely. In early January 2022, the proposal for rNEAR was created, which all but confirms the liquid staking solution for the POS chain.

StaFi has kicked off the process of creating a liquid staking solution for the Near chain, starting with the proposal submission. Hopefully, this will culminate in the building of a NEAR-Go-SDK shortly.

Once the Near liquid staking solution is launched, staking NEAR can be done more effortlessly. The minimum NEAR you can stake drops to 0.01, which is something many stakers will appreciate. We can’t ignore the less vulnerability to slashing risks that the liquid staking solution offers.

2. Avalanche

Avalanche is another POS chain that should have a liquid staking solution from StaFi. It has been hinted at by the Staking Finance team in the past, so it’s bound to happen. Frankly, a proposal has been drafted to that effect, so it’s nearly a done deal.

One of the reasons why a liquid staking solution for Avalanche will happen is the current traction on that chain. StaFi won’t be providing liquid staking solutions for a dead chain; that doesn’t bud well for the DeFi protocol. And Avalanche is not a dead chain.

When StaFi’s liquid staking solution for Avalanche is a reality, AVAX stakers get access to liquidity whenever the need arises without having to go through any undesired waiting period.

3. Cardano

Despite how popular Cardano might be, many are surprised there’s no liquid staking for the POS chain yet. What many haven’t taken into consideration is the activity on the chain. After years of building, Cardano is just coming out of the wood. StaFi takes this into account when providing liquid staking solutions. With the PoS chain’s emergence as a staker’s haven, we should look out for rADA in the coming months.

4. Fantom

This is another decentralized blockchain we believe will get a liquid staking solution from StaFi. Fantom has come a long way from its creation. With Andre Cronje sitting on the technology team of the blockchain, it’s no surprise the PoS chain is getting a lot of attention.

As assets locked on the Fantom network continue to increase, the need for a viable liquid staking solution becomes imperative. This is something that can’t escape the eyes of the Staking Finance team. With that said, we expect a liquid staking solution for Fantom real soon. Keep your eyes peeled for rFTM everyone.

5. Mina Protocol

This lightweight blockchain is gaining massive traction since the founders raised over $18m in funding. Being a POS chain, staking is still part of the blockchain in addition to owning a node. While it remains to be seen if a liquid staking solution from StaFi will be available in the coming months, Mina Protocol is certainly on the list.

6. OMG Network

Like Polygon, the OMG Network is a layer 2 chain that sidelines the expensive gas fees of the layer 1 Ethereum Network. It’s also a PoS chain, which makes liquid staking quite viable. Will we see a liquid staking solution from StaFi for the OMG Network? That’s highly possible. The only catch is when this solution will come. We believe it should happen in 2022, but that is going to depend on the success of the various products the DeFi project puts forward in the first quarter.


StaFi isn’t throwing in the towel yet on providing liquid staking solutions for PoS chains. Once the protocol’s key products — rDEX and StaFiHub — are launched, we should see the release of more liquid staking solutions. Of course, this list might not be accurate on the public chains that get liquid staking solutions immediately, but we are certain all these chains will feature at some point.

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