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Hello crypto enthusiasts and analysts. Glad to usher us into the new week with a dope project and indeed the new deal happening on the crypto space. This project is NESTREE!

It is an obvious fact that the smart phones have aided a great deal of paradigm shifts in our clime. Every aspect of human existence has been affected greatly by this innovation. from the financial to the social systems etc. importantly in the way we now communicate. Globalization concepts agree, that world is now a global village and keeps closing in, more and more. One key help to this narrative is the advent of the internet and messenger applications. Messages can be transmitted across distances without physical contact. More so communities and ties are grown on these apps. These communities come under specialized or even professional causes, often tied together by common issues and narratives. These groups are often created and controlled by admins.

One of such messenger applications is the Nestree messenger powered by BLOCKCHAIN.

Interestingly, Nestree is not just an app, it is not just a messenger application, it is much more a way of recreating the existing services in such a way to cater for the teeming use, users put them to. Importantly, solve the issues existing there.


The Nestree application offers key features that differentiate it from the others:

The Nestree solution introduces a system that fuels growth among the community and encourages more sign ups.

Also, incentives are offered to users so to encourage user activation and retention especially when they contribute to the growth of these communities.

Again, community members who invite users to these communities will be rewarded with the aid of block chain technology.

People ordinarily never like unsolicited messages, this makes it difficult to keep them in groups where they are barged with messages, hence this solution offers a way selectively view messages according to needs. Also, admins of these various groups can enable a no posting feature for other users, so they can pass on important messages.

Another intriquing feature of the NESTREE Messenger is that There is also a feature for pinned messages, on the chat.

Every business is profit oriented and one way this can be achieved for this solution is via adverts. Advertisers have field day here with the opportunity for targeted ads. Since these groups hold a select people for specialized topics, it’s easy to target these groups relevantly.

In other solutions, admins are removed from this model, however, here users are rewarded for viewing ads. On Nestree, channels are monetized per subscription, this is even in an easy way since it houses its own payment system.

Since this solution is an independent system in its right having its own wallet, users can trade among themselves, same way that share ideas and message each other. Also, the Nestree channel can serve as a market place for commerce. Users sell and buy amongst themselves creating a great synergy among users.


With NESTREE application and it’s easy to use interface, I will show you how to smooth get it started with the NESTREE application with pictorial aids below.

Download the app from any of the stores below. Once downloaded, install the app on your device. Once done,

The very first thing to be displayed is this. Enter your desired mobile number using the appropriate country code. A code would be sent to your mobile number. Once received,

Enter the code below and allow the app to load. Once it loads, it directs you to your profile set up.

Chose an appropriate user ID starting with a lower case and enter your names correctly in the field. Submit information Once done, your profile is updated.

Next is setting up your wallet pass code and paraphrase to be able to send and receive assets.

Once that is done, your profile is ready. And you can now be able to send and receive assets. Not just that, you will get to be able to chat with your loved ones, find them using the search box and have other reward based incentives attached.

This is amazing isn’t it?

To cap it all, most existing messaging applications are only innovator centered, not much care is paid toward user satisfaction or even control. On this platform, it is a user centered one. It is an encompassing one with clear efforts made towards user satisfaction. Contents are generated and consumed by users. Importantly, there is extreme order in the solution offered here.

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