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3 min readMay 19, 2021

Merlin Labs: An Exciting Yield Optimizer/Aggregator

In the crypto space, there has been a surge in asset building. And De-Fi applications are at the centre of this desire. The De-Fi boom might have eased since a few months ago, but people continue to dare the risks linked to decentralization for its huge gains.

While multiple blockchains support De-Fi protocols, the Binance Smart Chain, built on the Ethereum network, has become a beehive of decentralized finance activities. Its ease of connection to the popular centralised exchange, Binance did create tremendous success for the chain.

With more people staking their assets on yield farming protocols, there’s a great demand for yield optimizers as well. Merlin is one of the new kids on the BSC block, and it’s doing it all — yield farming and optimizing.

The Merlin Advantage

Merlin might be new to the scene, but it sure has prospects. By offering stakers the chance to earn the most desired assets on the BSC network, Merlin puts itself into contention for the top choice among a growing list of yield optimizers.

It’s no surprise that within a few hours of launching, Merlin already has a TVL of over a hundred million dollars.

But why the rush?

Well, Merlin offers users the chance to compound their yield from De-Fi protocols automatically every few hours. You don’t have to go through the inefficiency of doing it yourself, saving you the unpleasant gas fees.

Though yield optimizing is the mainstay of the Merlin ecosystem, users can earn other assets like BNB, BTCB and ETH just by staking the MERL, native token of Merlin. Considering the value of these assets you will get by staking MERL, it’s such a gamechanger for the yield optimizing platform.

How Does Merlin Compare To the Competition?

Yield optimizing protocols aren’t in short supply on the BSC chain, so why should anyone settle for Merlin? There’s the performance fee leverage that’s quite enticing. You get as much as a 50% discount on the performance fee (0.5% of the profit) which isn’t something to sniff at.

Also, no one can say no to the opportunity to earn Cake, BNB, BTCB and ETH just by staking MERL on Merlin. It’s certainly up right up there for perks you can’t say no to.

Is MERL Supply Capped?

Like most De-Fi tokens, Merlin’s native token isn’t capped. However, its minting rate is tied to the quantity of BNB earned. This means that the more BNB earned by stakers, the greater the number of MERL minted. It’s a unique minting strategy that differs from what’s obtainable on other De-Fi protocols where a certain amount of tokens is minted per block.

Due to MERL’s distinct supply, it’s unlikely to get oversaturated as fewer BNB is earned as APY continue to decrease. Yet, it’s great to know that Merlin had other strategic techniques aimed at keeping the supply of MERL in check.


Sometimes, you have to think outside the box to stand out. And that’s exactly what Merlin is doing. The De-Fi yield optimizer understands what its target users seek — lower performance fee, higher APYs and freebies — and Merlin gives them exactly that.

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Writer: RitabeII Anderson

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