Adaora Anders
3 min readMay 25, 2021


Merlin Aggregator Development And The Journey So Far

Merlin might be only a few weeks old, but the yield aggregator has been ticking things off its to-do list at an incredible rate. Interested in staying updated on the Merlin movement? You’re in luck. This is your guide to keeping up with the Merlin Aggregator journey. Let’s get started!

Merlin Aggregator’s Frst Trimester

To us, the yield aggregator journey gives off the same vibes as a pregnant woman as the protocol appears set to usher a bundle of joy into De-Fi space.
In the first trimester, the concept of Merlin was formed. The team defined the De-Fi model that matched the objectives of Merlin. Ideas don’t exist in isolation, they have to be pruned into viable models, and that’s what the Merlin team did.

Also, in the first trimester, the agreed model for the Merlin protocol was scrutinized for vulnerabilities. Every De-Fi project has to undergo risk assessment, and Merlin Aggregator is no exception.
Typical of the early stages in any business entity’s formation, Merlin Aggregator got its identity out of the woods in its first trimester. This included the branding and website design of the Merlin Aggregator platform.

Merlin Aggregator’s Second Trimester

The second phase of the Merlin Aggregator development focused on creating awareness for the project. This centered on the usual marketing rounds — airdrops, bounty, and more — that get the crypto herd.
The 2nd trimester is also the time where the Merlin smart contracts are tested in the wild after their creation. Considering the sensitive nature of smart contracts, this is crucial to the integrity of the Merlin Aggregator.
Security is a vital aspect of De-Fi protocols, and that includes Merlin. Several auditors are assessing the yield aggregator’s codes. Though Hacken Cybersecurity has released its preliminary report, others are expected during this phase. Of course, this isn’t set in stone, but fingers crossed that the auditors stick to the timeline.

Much of the Merlin Aggregator products launch happens in the 2nd trimester. From the creation of asset vaults to auto-compounding activities, unveiling these products took place during this period.
It’s worth emphasizing that Merlin Aggregator is still in the 2nd trimester. While a few things have happened already, most haven’t.
Unlike most projects that started on the BSC network, Merlin is working on integrating multiple wallets including Trust wallet, Mathwallet, and others. Since wallet integration enables users to access the De-Fi platform, this can’t be solved aside. Of course, this will happen during this period.

Merlin Aggregator’s Third Trimester

This phase looks to focus on several things including pushing the value of the Merlin Aggregator native token, MERL up the price ladder. To this end, buybacks and deflationary measures will be set in motion.
The Merlin lottery serves as one of the avenues for depleting the supply of the MERL token. The lottery, which is unique compared to those on other De-Fi protocols, is expected to go live during this phase.
The third trimester will also witness the release of more products, CEX listings, and the most anticipated cross-chain spread of a De-Fi protocol.


Merlin has an exciting roadmap, lined up with activities that should get its community off their seats the whole time. Though they have kept pace with sticking to their roadmap, we can only hope they don’t veer off track as the burden gets bigger.

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