Adaora Anders
4 min readSep 27, 2020


Logistics And Transportation Is Improved With Cartesi

Digital operations became better over time, with the invention of advanced technologies, and the improvements on these operations stretched out to the nooks and crannies of numerous systems, making their methods of operations to become better than what it previously was.

This has made services provided by these systems to be more satisfying for their users, seeing as they have laveraged highly sophisticated technologies on to make their performance better, and unlike the regular system where operations are dependent on the inefficient human efforts, which are often prone to mistakes and even manipulations, the use of these improved technologies have proven to be far more beneficial fully efficient.

Let's take the logistics and transportation industry for instance, it is not just one of the most rated and technical industries, but is one of the industries which generates the most funds, on the global system.

But this industry, just like every other one, is not efficient in delivering services to the global users, seeing as it has multiple challenges which limits its performance.

Here is one of the major challenges of the logistics and transportation system…

The experts in these fields (logistics and transportation), are also made to suffer the inefficiencies of these systems as they are unable to get the desired employments, without having to pass through different channels and the very few who get employed, after the tedious processes, do not enjoy 100% of their payment, as it has to be shared with the different middlemen involved in securing the job.

This and a whole lot more, are challenges which are faced by both professionals and users in the logistics and transportation industry.

This industry, seeing how complicated it looks and how important it is, is among the systems which really needs the introduction of highly improved technologies, and luckily the Blockchain was created.

This new and improved technology has revolutionized the entire digital system, since it's time of creation, making every activity carried out in the digital system to be effective, but before a technology of such can function efficiently, a reliable system is very vital for operations.

Cartesi - Improves Logistics And Transportation

The Cartesi platform is a decentralized infrastructure which allows for the creation of improved Decentralized Applications (Dapps), that will be used to improve the diverse industries in the which make up the global system.

Cartesi ensures that fully functional and efficient Dapps are built on its system, so it provides the development tools to make this possible, as it makes available the Linux operating system to make easier for the Dapps created to perform off-chain transactions, as well as the Blockchain technology, to ensure that the Dapps have great level of on-chain security.

Cartesi has well defined and real life use cases as well as great features, which makes it possible for it to be adopted in any system across the different industries of the world.

How Does Cartesi Improves Logistics And Transportation?

With Cartesi, its technologies and techniques providing a means to bridge the gap between the different experts in the Logistics and transportation system, and organizations or establishments looking to hire them, it will be easy to get employed without stress.

Cartesi achieves this by eliminating completely, the middlemen who made the entire process to be complicated and replaces them with more reliable technologies, which is not profit oriented cannot in any way be manipulated, so as to ensure that there is no dishonesty during the employment process.

That's not all, as with the help of these improved technologies presented by Cartesi, even the payment processes will be transparent and efficient, without the need to relinquish some fraction to the intermediaries.

Generally, Cartesi by making the operations in logistics and transportation to be automated, reduces the numerous errors which would have occurred, most of which might probably cause deadly damages. But with the Cartesi system in play, all these will be averted.

The speed of operations in this system will greatly increase with the adoption of the Cartesi system, making sure that every operation is processed at a shorter time, reducing the wait time for the users.

With the scalability feature of the Cartesi platform, it will be less difficult inputting new users into the logistics and transportat system, making sure that the system functions at full force.


Cartesi has improved a lot of industries and the logistics and transportation system is another of such systems which will enjoy its numerous benefits.

Every aspect of this system will be greatly improved by Cartesi, including professionals, as it provides the necessary tools which is needed to ensure that they are get to offer their services across the world, with ease.

Even the general outlook of the logistics and transportation system will be greatly advanced, upon the adoption of the Cartesi Dapps system.

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