Adaora Anders
3 min readAug 4, 2021


Knowledge Mainland App: A Future-Saving Initiative

Epik Protocol has recently launched its data-gathering application called Knowledge Mainland. With the Epik Protocol looking to build a decentralized knowledge resource, data gathering is crucial to the cause. Knowledge Mainland is expected to fill in the gap thanks to its gamified data sourcing setup.

Understanding Epik Protocol’s Knowledge Mainland

Artificial intelligence has impressed people despite the many challenges facing the current system. The apparent lack of cognitive intelligence and the cost-intensive nature of knowledge graphs are bitter pills to swallow.

Knowledge Mainland is focused on righting the wrongs of the artificial intelligence status quo by providing the opportunity for people to contribute to the knowledge pool. Those who provide solutions get rewarded in Epik protocol tokens (EPK), so it’s a win for everyone involved. To ensure people are keen on adding some intel to Knowledge Mainland, the application takes the gamification route.

Data collected from anyone that indulges in the Knowledge Mainland fever is added to the knowledge graph for the different industries lacking relevant data for artificial intelligence to thrive.

Knowledge Mainland Breakdown

The Knowledge Mainland consists of three buildings. These include:

  1. Energy,
  2. Exploration
  3. Knowledge


No, it’s not power-related. The energy building represents the number of trials you have to answer questions in each day. Since answers to questions are collated daily, there’s a threshold expected of you each day. The Energy building defines that, as the civilization gets better in terms of development, your energy grows as well. When you answer the required amount of questions in a day, then you get rewarded. However, high-quality answers are crucial.

Knowledge Building

This building tells it all about your knowledge base as you progress. Your frequency of answering questions correctly is easily judged by the size of the knowledge building. If you are ready to provide answers to questions, then you need only click on the knowledge building to proceed. As you progress, the quantity and quality of questions asked will change, and it’s all clear on the knowledge building.

Exploration building

The proceeds of your invaluable contribution to Knowledge Mainland are visible in this building. As you answer questions, you get rewards. This can be exchanged for special rewards only once in a while.

Of course, the quantity of reward accrued depends on the number of questions answered and the quality of your responses.

Starting Knowledge Mainland

You start in a tent with a bonfire. Clicking the tent reveals your question count, update or answer options.

During this civilization, the cave serves as the knowledge building, so you get details on your knowledge gathering process. It also has the ‘update’ and ‘answer’ tabs. The exploration building starts with what looks like a tree surrounded by a few shrubs. The building is termed Survivors as people focus on surviving this era as indicated by the archer and the spearman.

At the top right corner are a group of icons. Each has different purposes. The message icon serves as your mailbox, keeping you updated on transactions completed and messages received.

The robot icon provides insight into your ID, Epik token count, and address. There’s a Beginner Guide tab or a View EPIK instructions for those looking to learn the ropes first.

The Activity icon and its badge counterpart provide insight on your Knowledge Mainland activity and badge count respectively. So if you’re looking to keep up with your activities or how many badges you have, these tabs are your best bet.

Final Thoughts

Epik Knowledge Mainland cuts a great deal for the growth of artificial intelligence. Through the use of gamification, it gets people to acquire knowledge while adding to the growth of its decentralized knowledge graph.

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