KingData BlueWhale Award

Adaora Anders
6 min readJan 25, 2022

The annual project award organized by KingData is scheduled to take place in the first quarter of 2022. It’s the time to look beyond the wicks and candles, setting our gaze on projects that dominated the crypto space.

About KingData BlueWhale Award

Every award ceremony has some story behind it. In the case of the BlueWhale Award, it’s KingData’s mascot, the Blue Whale that brings a rich story to it.

KingData hopes to meet the Blue Whale’s penchant for spreading valuable intel to anyone in need of such. This award ceremony offers an opportunity to reward the most impressive projects while creating more awareness for KingData’s information-rich website.

Award Selection Process

Every award ceremony has a selection process that curates what project is selected in a particular category. KingData BlueWhale Award has a selection process that puts fairness and popularity at the top of the pecking order.

The selection process requires projects to indicate interest in being part of the award by completing an application form. Afterward, KingData will scrutinize these projects, confirming their suitability for the award based on several factors.

Projects that scale the KingData background check will proceed to the next phase of the selection process. Here, the power of a project’s community is put to the test as everyone votes to decide the winning projects.

For the votes to count towards picking the eventual winner, voting has to be done through the KingData official voting page. This helps guarantee transparency and accountability, which are crucial to ensuring the credibility of the award ceremony.

The winning projects will be selected based on votes pulled after the poll is completed.

Award Categories

The KingData BlueWhale Award will have 6 categories, covering the major projects in the crypto space. Here’s a breakdown of these categories:

NFT Emerging List

Non-fungible tokens have become a hit within and outside the crypto space. Several projects have spearheaded the NFT boom. This category will reward the best NFT projects.

GameFi Emerging List

Gaming might have been around for a while, but ‘play to earn’ is relatively new. This latest introduction in the crypto space has received considerable interest no thanks to a world struggling with a non-ending pandemic. This list consists of the most outstanding GameFi projects devoted to rewarding players for their input.

DAO Emerging List

DAO, one of the buzzwords of 2022, has some interesting projects navigating the treacherous waters of resource management and organization. This category comprises DAO projects that have distinguished themselves in delivering the dividends of a decentralized autonomous organization.

Infrastructure Emerging List

This category consists of projects from different divides in the crypto space. With a focus on wealth creation, the infrastructure list features DeFi projects, Web3 wallets, decentralized storage projects, etc. Projects in this category must have distinguished themselves in services offered to feature on this BlueWhale award list.

Public Chain Newcomer List

More public chains have emerged to provide the enabling environment for decentralized applications to thrive. Most of our favorite dapps rely on public chains to deliver the product/service we have grown used to. This category consists of new public chains that took the spotlight in 2021.

DEX Emerging List

One aspect of DeFi gets its unique category — Decentralized Exchange (DEX). The reasons aren’t farfetched: it’s one of the most popular aspects in the De-Fi niche, so it’s only fair it’s treated as a stand-alone category.

Projects in this category are focused on offering users the opportunity to trade in a truly decentralized environment.

How Would The KingData BlueWhale Award Work?

As hinted earlier, the award will involve a selection process where the KingData team will evaluate the worthiness of a project to be considered. This selection process consists of website checking, audit reports, reviews, and more.

If a project scales through this meticulous selection process, then it’s deemed worthy of being a nominee for the prestigious award in whatever category the project falls under. Of course, this isn’t the finish line. The second phase is a poll where the project that gets the most votes in its category is deemed the winner.

Voting is done by real people through the KingData BlueWhale official poll page. This way, everyone can keep track of how their favorite projects are doing while rallying the community to do more.

How To Vote For Your Preferred Projects

Step 1

Sign up on KingData website. You should see the sign-up option at the top right corner.

Step 2

Visit the Award page and choose your project (e.g. Alpaca Finance )

Step 3

Click on the project -> it takes you to the project page

Step 4

On the right side, you’ll see “Rate the project” 1–5 stars, so you leave your rating.

Step 5

You have to write a review about the project in the review Section. You can just leave some comments and that’s it.

Selection/Voting Process

In the selection process, interested projects indicate interest in being part of the award by completing an application form. Afterward, KingData will scrutinize these projects, confirming their suitability for the award based on several factors.

The Selection Process Includes:

1. Interested projects have to fill in the form to apply.

2. KingData’s team will fairly and transparently judge. Projects that pass the audit will be selected as finalists.

3. After which the projects will be polled and fans will vote for the projects they support on the KingData official voting page.

4. Considering the number of votes, the top 5 projects in the 6 lists will be selected.

5. 6 Top 5 projects (30 projects in total) will be presented at the award ceremony, and each Top 1 project will give a speech, and each Top 2-Top 5 project will participate in the 6 roundtable discussions and YouTube livestream.

KingData Launches First NFT Airdrop Event

KingData is very thrilled to announce the launch of its first-ever NFT airdrop event. However, in order to appreciate our users and the community for their firm support in the previous year, we will be giving away 200K exclusive limited BlueWhale NFTs. You read more about this exclusive airdrop event here. You could check out the NFT Airdrop page. Complete the tasks required and you get the NFTs attached.


The KingData BlueWhale Award is the perfect getaway from the topsy turvy crypto market situation. It provides visibility for budding projects while rewarding popular ones. Of course, we can’t ignore the nostalgia that comes with seeing your favorite project compete against others for an award. We can all agree this is something that should get some attention away from those crypto charts.

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