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3 min readAug 3, 2021


Kambria Network: Fuels The AI And Robotic Future

Can i-robot become a reality?

Everyone remembers the Will Smith thriller, ‘I, Robot’.

Yet, 17 years after the movie was released, robots are still limited to the manufacturing lines. And no, it’s not for the fear of the fictional Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence (abbreviated as V.I.K.I. or VIKI). Getting robots mainstream, based on traditional processes, is expensive, time-consuming, and a lot of other design challenges.

Introducing Kambria Network

Today’s world relies on collaboration in many sectors around the globe. Yet, the robotics sector, one of the supposedly advanced ones, still relies on the more primitive ways of doing things. Perhaps it’s the fear of VIKI still living rent-free in the mind of top players in the robotic sector.

Kambria, an open-source project, aims to provide an opportunity for the robotics sector to embrace collaboration. And no one has to worry about VIKI.

Kambria And Technology

The rise of blockchain technology is one of the reasons for the immense possibilities linked to Kambria Network. The open-source project relies on the Ethereum blockchain.

The decentralized ledger ensures no one exploits other collaborators without giving back. Kambria doesn’t only leverage the transparency and immutability of the blockchain but the open-source platform is also counting on the possibilities of Ethereum smart contract to guarantee a win-win collaboration.

Teaming up with the smart contract is the Kambria token. This incentivizes collaborations on the platform, making them attractive. The duo of smart contracts and digital cryptocurrency creates the enabling environment that puts potential over short-term gratification.

Kambria’s Big Five

The Kambria ecosystem is hoisted on five pillars — Code Base, Bounty Marketplace, Manufacturing Alliance, Value Capture, and Legal Protection.

A Look At Kambria’s Code Base

The Code Base is the pillar that manages the different robot modules and builds. All systems are taken into consideration in the Code Base’s repository efforts. Code Base realistically supports the reuse of tools that aren’t strange to all parties involved. That’s a plus for collaboration as everyone is on the same page.

Beyond managing modules, Code Base will serve as Kambria’s module registry.

If anyone is searching for any module, the Code Base is the first point of call. Developers can submit their modules with their URI. This helps guarantee ownership, ensuring transparency of the collaboration process.

Code Base modules aren’t just a repose of information, they can handle transactions, governance operations, and staking.

Kambria’s Code Base architectural framework supports creativity, engenders a collaborative mindset without allowing lock-ins to ruin the party.

A Look At Kambria’s Bounty Marketplace

Kambria’s Bounty Marketplace gives everyone a chance to put their name in the history books. It’s where talents get to strut on robotics-related projects and businesses looking for the service.

Through the Bounty Marketplace, businesses looking for service need only provide specifics of the task, and get experts providing quotes.

It’s through this Kambria pillar that its native token is put to use most. Payments for a job done are made using the KAT token.

Bounties can be increased if more parties get involved. The impact is a more tempting prize pool, which should attract the best talents in robotics.

The Manufacturing Alliance

Manufacturers will also get to exchange insight among themselves on Kambria Network. It’s part of the plans to position Kambria as the best place for effective collaboration among egg-heads in the robotics space.

Through the Manufacturing Alliance, the wastefulness of task duplication is avoided.

Already existing robotics designs don’t have to be recreated. Manufacturers save the time and resources spent on creating existing robotics designs.


If the Kambria platform delivers the expected results, the robotics sector will witness tremendous change. The open-source nature of the project will bring lots of excitement to a sector that appears to be living on a spent reputation. Perhaps i-robot might not be a tall order after all.

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