Adaora Anders
3 min readSep 29, 2020


The bluzelle database service promises an intense data delivery network designed to secure various businesses from poor performances, network failures and data breaches of any kind.

Powered by a Byzantine fault tolerant collection of blockchain structures developed specifically to aid database functionality.

The bluzelle network is regarded as the '’Airbn of databases’' with various developers paying for storage space to the decentralized databases. Meanwhile, it is a fact that the bluzelle is a dual token system, the system intends to mainatain the tokens functionality and ensuring that the Erc-20 blz are exchangeable with others.

The functionality of these tokens has necessitated the integration of a connector that could facilitate a safe, reliable and immediate conversion of tokens between the networks. Unfortunately, several attempts have been made to address this issue for instance, the use of ''off the shelf'' (Peggy) approach, though being the most appropriate approach has proven quite abortive as a result of its lack of compatibility.

Furthermore, with more chains been developed, most blockchain infrastructures are expected to perform manual token swaps which usually is error prone as the process is quite tedious and slow. Moreover, the swap of tokens is just a one time thing, in most cases, when individuals' assets are transferred from the etherum network to cosmos, nothing is left behind on the etherum network and this factor has heavily prevented adoption.

In order to address these issue, there is a demand for a relayer that could connect two ecosystems thereby establishing movements in both direction, the bluzelle bridge was designed


Bluzelle bridge has the capacity to perform a bi- directional token swap effectively,this implies that it could perform exchanges between erc20 blz to the BNT local token and vice versa. This way, the bluzelle network can comfortably reside in both the cosmos and etherum networks while facilitating a seamless transaction between the ecosystems and an effective token conversion by users at any time.

Their is absolutely no dependence on manual intervention of any kind with the bluzelle bridge, the entire process of exchange is fully automated such that a user can receive his tokens just a few minutes after request is submitted.

The relayer has been deployed to the bluzelle soft mainnet and utilised for handling staking which has seen an explosive growth overtime. This implies that the related network is not just functional but also ready for use.

It is important to note that the bluzelle network due to compatibility is the first chain to utilise the latest version of Cosmos/Tendermint.

With more individuals trooping into the bluzelle soft mainnet for staking, the structure by default presents itself as an ideal testing ground for the bluzelle bridge.

At the moment, provision is only made for the conversion of BLZ to BNT on the soft mainnet while anticipation is quite high for the conversion of BNT back to BLZ to be initiated quite soon, depending on the preparedness of the bluzelle production mainnet.


The introduction of the bluzelle bridge is a substantial evident that the bluzelle ecosystem is making strides towards proffering a seamless token management for its users. With its operational dual token, it makes provision for a relayer which could enable an automatic, independent exchanges, transactions and conversions of the system tokens from one to the other between the various networks (Etherum/Cosmos)

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