Introducing The CTSI Reserve Mining

Adaora Anders
3 min readJan 4, 2021

For long now, every user of the Cartesi DApps development system has been looking forward to the highly anticipated Reserve Mining on the Cartesi ecosystem.

Before now, Cartesi wanted to give users a taste of what Reserve Mining will be like, which led them to launching the CTSI pre-staking program on Coinone exchange, where users got the opportunity to stake the CTSI token, to earn staking rewards in return.

With this, they were able to accumulate great benefits from their staking activities on the system, coupled with the mainnet launch of the reserve mining which unlocks even the staking to its fullest.

Well, there is great news for every user of the Cartesi, and anyone who would want to benefit from the system, by actively taking part in its activities.

The CTSI Reserve Mining Has Been Launched

The long awaited CTSI Reserve Mining has been launched on the Ethereum mainnet, to allow the users of the Cartesi to run nodes on the network and even carry out staking activities, and earn rewards from the system.

Cartesi rewards node runners on its system with CTSI rewards, from the Cartesi Mine Reserves for producing blocks in the process.

It adopts a very transparent and fair method in choosing block producers, as it is based solely on the number of their staked coins, so the block producer is selected randomly.

How To Start Earning Rewards From The CTSI Mining Reserve

I know this makes one wonder on how to get started as a node runner on Cartesi, and start earning great rewards from the reserve, well, it's quite easy.

To earn the rewards, you have to set up your node and deposit a good some of Eth, which will serve as the gas for producing blocks.

Once you have this in place, you can go ahead to run the node, and if you are selected as the block producer, you get to claim the reward for that block produced, and the block rewards available for claiming is from the CTSI Mining


It is important to note that your node needs to be online and with efficient ETH for gas, for you to be able to produce blocks and claims the block reward as the producer.

All the block rewards are claimable and deposited into your ERC-20 wallet upon claiming, so as to ensure that the participants get the best of the system.

Staking Through Cartesi Explorer

Users can also earn staking rewards from the system by staking their CTSI through the Cartesi block explorer which has been made available for users on the system.

Cartesi Explorer, which can be accessed through Brave, Chrome, Firefox, and even MS Edge browsers, has been developed as an avenue through which users can actively take part in the staking activity, and even track the performance of the system.

All the user has to do is head to the explorer, connect the wallet with the CTSI, and proceed to stake and produce blocks, then in turn get staking rewards from the system.


Cartesi ecosystem has lots of benefits to give its users, and the Cartesi Reserve Mining is one of those great benefits, as it allows users to earn CTSI from the just launched Reserving Mining.

The process of participating is quite easy and straightforward, meaning that anyone can take part with ease, and make great returns.