Adaora Anders
3 min readMay 14, 2021


Intriguing Alliances of Staking Finance

Staking Finance (aka StaFi) is on course to solve the liquidity issues haunting POS-based projects. It’s a huge endeavour considering the numerous perks attached. However, it’s not something any project can do all alone, so it’s great to see StaFi teaming up with others.

Here’s a breakdown of all the StaFi partnerships aimed at forging a formidable alliance for the greater good of the crypto space:

StaFi Joined Forces With WrapFi

One of StaFi’s most interesting partnerships is with WrapFi. With the latter renowned for building a DEX for Interest-Bearing Tokens (IBT), it’s no surprise to see StaFi make the first move.

Through this partnership, StaFi protocol achieves a few things. One of these is a workable marketplace for its synthetic tokens, allowing holders to trade these rTokens as easily as possible. There’s also the likelihood of strategic growth as WrapFi moves inches closer to mainstream adoption of its unique DEX.

Through the integration of WrapFi’s tracking market maker, StaFi’s rTokens will get the needed traction as stability and liquidity will be delivered.

StaFi’s Partnership With Chainlink

Though WrapFi’s TMM algorithm integration is expected to provide pricing for the rTokens, Chainlink partnership is bound to create a bigger impression. The introduction of Chainlink price oracles should ensure the accuracy of rTokens pricing. If StaFi is to be taken seriously in the crypto space, then a collaboration with Chainlink is the first step.

StaFi’s Collaboration With Bluzelle

Keeping off-chain and on-chain data in sync is crucial for the progress of the StaFi protocol, so the partnership with Bluzelle is quite valuable.

Bluzelle will make the cohesion of data sources happen. That disconnect between data from multiple sources, which has become quite commonplace, is sure to be a thing of the past.

StaFi’s Partnership With Oasis

To access the many benefits of StaFi protocol including leveraging the rTokens users need to import their data, which has to be done meticulously. StaFi partnership with Oasis bridges that gap without putting users’ personal data at risk.

StaFi Collaboration With Polygon

One of the POS chains serviced by StaFi is Polygon. The network also popularly known as Matic is highly regarded as an improvement on Ethereum through its enhanced throughput and better scalability. StaFi has partnered with the network making it possible for De-Fi applications on that chain to put an end to their liquidity issues through the StaFi staking contract.

Partnership With Unmarshal

Staking Finance (StaFi) teamed up with Unmarshal in a bid to ensure the indexing of data across the multiple chains supported by StaFi. Unmarshal is bringing endpoint integration to the table, which should count towards the smooth sailing of the StaFi protocol as real-time data is delivered.

StaFi Links Up with Conflux

With the BSC network getting significant traction due to ETH’s hefty transaction fees, StaFi has partnered with Conflux to allow users to utilize rFIS and rETH on the BSC.

Bringing rtokens to the BSC is achieved through the input of Conflux.

Collaboration With De-Fi Stone

Synthetic tokens don’t have to be a caricature of the original token. The StaFi protocol is removing all doubts through its collaboration with De-Fi Stone. Through the latter, rtokens can be put to good use in yield farming. Users can now picture rtokens earning rewards in addition to the interests accrued from staking the original token.

Final Thoughts

You can tell a project’s intentions by its partnership deals. StaFi protocol isn’t playing around in that area. Every major player in the crypto space has some sort of deal with the protocol. This points to the intentions of the StaFi protocol and its prospects in the long term.

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