Good day investors and enthusiasts…for some time now I have been on the thorough review of IMO project. The IMO is a new system designed for project owner to raise funds batch by batch unlike the previous system where the project owner get all funding at once from investors. The good things about this idea is that, project owner can not receive the investors fund and run away. This time around, investors will have to monitor the progress of your project and they will determine if they are to support the funding. Today, I shall talk about the Unique selling points of IMO ecosystem. I call it the ‘USP OF IMO’.
IMO uses a variety of advanced mathematical models to control the private sales and market at different stages. During the private sale period, the exchange and investors will observe the development of the project and decide whether to invest or not. Invest or withdraw. Phased batch-to-batch investments will greatly reduce investor’s risk. At the same time, it also gives encouragement and benign supervision to the project team, so that the project can develop healthily and ultimately return to investors. The IMO platform will strictly screen and check the quality of each project and take certain measures to ensure the interests of investors.
These IMO USP are:
• IMO Exchange designed a fairer model that would help both projects and investors to go together on a long-term journey. In short, investors who participate in the Initial Model Offering (IMO) on the IMO Exchange must invest step by step, which means they can’t just buy tokens and then flip right after being listed on an exchange like IEO. Specifically, this stage will be divided into 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or even longer. Therefore, step-by-step investing will enable the team to commit to the development of their project and reduce investor investment risk.
• IMO Token is the platform token of IMO ecosystem, which enables the project to obtain investment in stages through continuous limited private sales. The project will continue to be privately funded with development progress and stage results.
• The IMO platform will provides users with unparalleled trading experience.
• IMO have a good control because there have high tech and with good transparent exchange with that there is know much risk for investors.

The IMO project has great potential. This project has an innovative and very co-operative team. Investors can invest in this project without any doubt. Investors hope will be at 100% secured, and profits is assured at high rate.
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Author: Adaora2323
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