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5 min readAug 18, 2021


Hurray! Epik Mainnet Is Here

The much-awaited Epik Mainnet is here. Epik Mainnet has been a long time coming. Epik Protocol has been operating on its testnet for months. So the launch of the mainnet is cheering news. The Epik testnet did reveal the hand of the protocol. Its distributed storage offering was put to the test while the testnet lasted. Following the long period of testing and ensuring everything works perfectly, Epik unveiled its mainnet.

Epik prides itself as an innovative distributed storage platform for data targeting artificial intelligence manufacturers. Through the launch of its mainnet, Epik moves closer to achieving its objectives. If you are not sure what to expect from the Epik’s Mainnet, I will discuss it in the subsequent paragraphs.

What To Expect On Epik Mainnet

The launch of Epik mainnet will usher in a new era for both the artificial intelligence community and its crypto counterpart. On its mainnet, Epik will deliver all the dividends of the protocol. You can expect the much talked about data labeling, storage, and utility.

Through Epik mainnet, the incentivizing of every party involved in the distributed data storage management will commence in earnest. Knowledge Mainland is in progress already. So the mainnet launch gets things started in earnest. Epik mainnet will be providing an opportunity for more people to put their device storage to good use. The decentralized data storage service of Epik protocol will take off on the mainnet. So if you have any device storage lying fallow, the knowledge node awaits you.

Features Of The Epik Mainnet

The Epik mainnet revolves around the Epik Portal.

To get access to Epik Portal, you have to download the app from the relevant app store — Google PlayStore or Apple Store — depending on your device. Or better still, you can download the app by visiting this website: From this website, you would get the opportunity to choose your desired wallet type whether Android or iOS devices. It is then pertinent to categorically state the various features of the Wallet. This will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs.

The Epik Portal has several features including but not limited to:


On downloading Epik Portal, you’d find out the app has its crypto wallet. Here, you can store Epik Protocol’s native token, EPK. Since EPK protocol has its ERC-20 token equivalent, ERC-20-EPK. For transactions on the Ethereum chain, ETH is the gas for transactions. It’s no surprise the wallet supports both ETH and USDT. There’s no dapp browser for the wallet, but you can easily visit Uniswap by clicking the decentralized exchange icon.

Epik wallet has its customized swap, Epik Swap. This is specially built for handling the exchange of EPIK for its ERC-20 variant. With Epik built on the EPIK chain, exchanging the ERC-20 token has to go through the cross-chain bridge. So the Epik Swap is currently limited to solely exchanging EPIK for ERC-20-EPK or the reverse. The Swap can handle as much as 100,000 $EPIK in one transaction. But the fee will differ, so take note. You can import your existing wallet to the EPIK wallet, but it’s not advisable due to the wallet’s lack of support for other tokens. However, in the future, Epik's team plan to integrate more tokens into the wallet. We can sure expect the wallet to function as we deem it.

Knowledge Node

Another interesting feature of Epik Portal is the Knowledge Node. It’s through the Knowledge Node that you can connect your mining rig with the Epik wallet. The Knowledge Node requires you to submit your Miner ID. This helps link your EPIK mining activity to your Epik wallet. Of course, that helps in automating reward distribution.


This is another feature of the Epik Portal. If you have always wanted to be a domain expert in the Epik data storage rig, your chance has come. The Expert feature lets you apply to be a domain expert. The conditions are a bit stringent to prevent putting the system in jeopardy. You have to submit your details using the apply tab. A fee of 100 EPIK tokens is required to process your application. Through the Expert column, you can withdraw profit for curating data on artificial intelligence.

The Expert Column also holds information on votes, APR on staking, and more. Blocked, qualified, and nominated domain experts stats are stated there as well. Remember applying for a domain expert role doesn’t mean you’d get it. The community decides through a poll.


Another feature is the Epik's Activity. Epik’s community effort incentivizing process comes to its mainnet. The Epik Portal provides the hint. Through the Activity column on the app, you can take part in highlighted events and get rewarded. On completing tasks under the claimable tab, your score increases. You can easily convert accrued scores to EPK tokens using the swap option.

Getting the hang of the Activity feature is as easy as using the introduction tab. The Epik Mainland Knowledge is an excellent system of the Epik protocol. In my last articles, I gave a deep explanation of what the Epik Mainland Knowledge is all about. Well, for the sake of the first-timers, I’d discuss the Epik Mainland Knowledge and its rudiments in the subsequent paragraphs. We can not talk about the Epik mainnet without the Mainland knowledge. If you are not sure what this entails, please read on…

Epik Mainnet, Knowledge Mainland and The Future of AI

Artificial intelligence companies currently rely on middlemen to acquire data needed to build their products. Since the mainnet countdown began, AI companies have taken an interest. Epik mainnet will create an ecosystem where everyone contributes to the growth of the data economy and get their dues. Mainnet will have Epik Knowledge Mainland serve as the collection arm. Users support the data storage objectives of Epik by completing the fun tasks. Users get scores for completing these tasks. These scores can be converted to EPK tokens. By handing out tokens to a greater collection of people through its Knowledge Mainland, Epik protocol creates a truly decentralized ecosystem.

Epik protocol relies on a DAO governance where no one entity can pull the plug. It’s through this approach that overhead cost is confidently managed. The duo of Epik Mainnet and Knowledge Mainland will decide the future of artificial intelligence. The decentralized storage technology isn’t just a claim. A more balanced stakeholder count is having more people contribute to the Epik ecosystem, and that’s what both Epik mainnet and Knowledge Mainland seek to achieve. Epik mainnet will cover all fields. This explains the opening of domain experts and bounty hunters positions to everyone around the globe. It’s a case of the more, the merrier as Epik pushes to become the chosen one.

Final Thoughts

Epik Protocol has launched its mainnet following months of tweaking its solution on the testnet. Every good thing comes from a period of testing and fine-tuning, so expectations are huge for the mainnet. The great thing about the mainnet launch is it sets things in motion real quick. If you haven’t gotten involved, now is the time to do so. The best or Epik Protocol is yet to come. Join the leading evolution of Artificial intelligence here:

Learn more about what Epik Protocol is building by visiting their websites below: