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3 min readFeb 28, 2022


How Will rDEX Improve Liquid Staking?


Over time, it became a sought out idea to have all synthetic derivatives (rTokens) trading on one singular DEX. This is an idea the StaFi team had in mind when the rDEX was proposed and that’s what is expected with the intending launch of rDEX.

The rToken decentralized exchange (rDEX) is currently live on the testnet as last-minute alterations are made with the mainnet in the pipeline. Another bugging question on the mind of most users is: How will rDEX improve liquid staking? This article intends to briefly do justice to that.

Introducing rDEX?

rDEX is an automated market maker on the StaFi protocol which aims to solve liquidity issues of PoS chains. Stafi enlisted the help of partners to improve the quality of the rDEX exchange rate on its platform and will be the best exchange rate platform for all sorts of rToken while the native token, FIS will serve as the ecosystem’s means of transactions and increase flexible trading. If you are a token holder or investor, now is the moment to exchange your token on the Stafi blockchain. rDEX is planned to be launched within Q1, 2022 from its roadmap.

Outstanding Features Of rDEX

There are numerous aspects of rDEX to the ecosystem. The following features of rDEX will help improve liquid staking.

1. rDEX Is Simple To Trade rTokens: This is one of the pinnacles of the liquid staking that StaFi gives those who bet their assets on the PoS chain through StaFi’s protocol. They will be able to optimize their gains by putting their rToken to proper work. rToken holders will easily be able to trade their tokens for a lower charge and a faster switching rate. StaFi has developed this for the benefit of all, so embrace this opportunity

2. Earning Potential: The launch of rDEX by StaFi has thrown Defi tokens into the spotlight, encouraging more people to acknowledge the potentials of liquid staking.

3. rToken Is More Valuable: rDEX will pool the liquidity of all rTokens to establish trade for liquidity needed and will keep the higher market value as a result of this. With the StaFi protocol’s staking solution, your tokens have a great chance of giving you decent returns.

4. Yield Additional Market for rToken: With the launch of rDEX, rToken can receive a better deal and provide the users with a liquid-rich investment that is freely and easily tradable. The StaFi team’s goal has been to balance the liquidity issues in the space and rDEX is the perfect solution to this.


rDEX’s approach is remarkable in that it will add value to these synthetic derivatives while also proffering a flexible solution for the trading and swapping.

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