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How To Swap BNB To MATIC And Back To BNB On Symbiosis

Symbiosis is a multi-chain liquidity protocol that’s compatible with several public chains. Our know-how: a single click any-to-any token swaps, covering several networks and supportive of non-EVMs.

In this piece, we intend to outline the process of swapping one token for another using the Symbiosis platform. This tutorial is crucial considering the liquidity fragmentation across multiple blockchains which, thankfully, Symbiosis solves with ease.

How to Swap BNB for MATIC on Symbiosis

Here are the steps to take to swap your BNB tokens for MATIC tokens on Symbiosis:

Step 1

Open the Symbiosis protocol ( on your preferred crypto wallet. You’ll need to enter the web address in the dapp browser section of your wallet.

Step 2

Connect your wallet to the Symbiosis platform. Once the application opens on your wallet dapp browser, you should see a wallet logo at the top right corner. Click the logo, and a list of supported wallets should become visible. Select your wallet from the list, and you’re instantly connected to the Symbiosis platform.

You can tell your wallet is connected to the dapp as a fraction of your wallet address is visible.

Step 3

Since we are interested in swapping BNB for MATIC, you will need to select the swap functionality. To do this, you have to click the menu button (denoted by the = symbol) at the top left corner, then select ‘Swap’ from the short list of options.

Step 4

Select the right network for the swap. This will depend on what network your BNB tokens are on. Click the squid logo, and if it’s on the BNB Chain, then you will need to select the BNB network from the asset list. If the BNB is on the Ethereum chain, you should select the Ethereum chain on the asset list.

Step 5

Next, you need to select the BNB token from the long list of assets. Click the squid logo once again, then select the BNB token. Your balance should be right beside the token, so it’s hard to miss it. You can also just search BNB in the search box provided to avoid scrolling.

Step 6

Again, click the squid logo to reveal the network options. If you’re swapping BNB to MATIC on Polygon, you will need to select the Polygon network from the asset list.

Step 7

Click the squid logo once again to locate the MATIC token from the list. You can either search for ‘MATIC’ using the search option provided or manually scan the list for MATIC.

Step 8

Enter the amount of BNB tokens you want to swap for MATIC tokens in the space provided. If you intend to swap the entire lot for MATIC, you can use the ‘max’ button. Of course, you’ll need to take into consideration the fees attached to this service.

On Symbiosis, you can see the price impact and gas fee linked to the swap, so you’re certain of what you’re getting on concluding the swap. Also, you can alter the receiving wallet address, which is helpful if you want the MATIC tokens in a separate address.

Step 9

Proceed to swap your BNB tokens for MATIC if you’re comfortable with the figures quoted.

How to Swap MATIC tokens to BNB tokens on Symbiosis

You can also swap MATIC for BNB using the same process. Just connect Your wallet to the Symbiosis platform, then select Polygon network (if your MATIC tokens are on that chain) as the outgoing token and the BNB chain (if you want the BNB tokens on the BNB smart chain network) as the incoming token.

Everything else is similar to what has been highlighted earlier for converting BNB into MATIC tokens.

How to Swap CAKE to UNI tokens

You can also swap your CAKE tokens for UNI tokens on the Symbiosis platform. Here’s a brief outline on how to swap CAKE to UNI tokens:

Step 1

Connect your wallet to the Symbiosis protocol as outlined earlier.

Step 2

Select the network where you have your CAKE tokens. If it’s the BNB chain, select it from the asset list.

Step 3

Select the CAKE token from the list. It’s easier to use the search bar to get to it fast.

Step 4

Select the network where you want the UNI tokens. If it’s the Ethereum chain, click the Ethereum button from the list.

Step 5

Enter the number of CAKE tokens to be swapped for UNI tokens. As usual, you can use the ‘max’ button to swap the entire lot for UNI tokens at once.

Step 6

Proceed with the swap if you’re comfortable with the fees and price impact quoted.


Once you get acquainted with the Symbiosis protocol, it’s farewell to poor user experience — a notorious attribute that comes with interacting with the web3 economy. You can now swap any to any token on Symbiosis with just a single click, no additional software is needed. Swapping your tokens across chains just got easier with Symbiosis.

To learn more about Symbiosis, feel free to follow their official websites below:

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