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3 min readMay 31, 2021


How Merlin Lab Is Changing The Yield Aggregator Space

Decentralized finance platforms aren’t going out of fashion anytime soon. People are still keen on earning interest on deposits made despite the vulnerability of these non-centralized outfits. And we aren’t surprised especially when their offerings are compared to those of the competition.
Security remains the Achilles tendon of De-Fi entities. Even supposedly secure platforms have suffered exploits in recent times, putting investor funds in danger. Though lending platforms are often in the crosshair of these attackers, yield aggregators aren’t spared.
Measures have to be taken to ensure the yield aggregation space provides the service desired by users without any loss of funds.

What is Merlin Lab?

It’s one of the new players in the yield aggregator niche that is set to put others on their toes. The yield aggregator is geared at ensuring investors get the highest possible earnings on staked assets. It’s a huge responsibility, especially as there are lots of other players with different interests.

How Does Merlin Work?

To maximize the gains of the Merlin Lab protocol, you have to create your LP tokens using the PancakeSwap DEX. Of course, Merlin Lab is currently only on the BSC network, so the yield aggregator supports LPs from PCS.
Having created the LP tokens, you proceed to stake them on the Merlin Lab platform. Unlike what you’d get staking on PancakeSwap, Merlin Lab helps you grow your staked LP by auto-compounding rewards. You can bid farewell to harvest and re-staking assets earned, which leaves you short on BNB as you have to offset the network fees.

Merlin Lab isn’t limited to LP staking. Users can deposit single assets like Cake and MERL, earning interests in the process.

How does Merlin Lab Compare To The Competition?

Of course, Merlin Lab isn’t the only yield aggregator on the BSC network. There are a few others, many of which have been offering yield maximizing services much longer than Merlin Lab. So what makes Merlin Lab any better?
Merlin Lab’s major plus is the sharing of popular tokens like BNB, BTCB, and ETH among those that stake MERL on its platform. This isn’t something you’d see on other yield aggregator sites.

Another reason why Merlin Lab can compete favorably is its heavily subsidized withdrawal fee. You don’t have to part with an arm or leg to withdraw your asset from the platform. Merlin Lab charges users an affordable 0.5% of their profit as a withdrawal fee. It does tilt the scale in Merlin Lab’s favor.

With PancakeSwap being the biggest DEX on the BSC network, it’s no surprise that Merlin Lab has a cake maximizer vault. This lets users of the protocol earn CAKE and MERL by staking their preferred LP token.


Merlin Lab is slowly changing the yield aggregator space. Though baiting users with highly sought-after assets might not be everyone’s cup of coffee, it does achieve results. Add the negligible fees to the mix, and the yield aggregator space is about to be unrecognizable.

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