Adaora Anders
3 min readAug 5, 2021


How Kambria Is Putting Robots In Every Home

Tired of the ‘rinse and repeat’ that comes with your day job? You’re not alone.

The year of our lord — 2021 — got people reconsidering their choices and options. More people are tired of staying in the loop they call a job. That’s where robots come in.

“The job market of the future will consist of those jobs that robots cannot perform.” And the future is now! Robots are here to relieve you of that burden. From the artificial intelligence used on smart devices to the well coordinated trading bots, robots are taking over.

Making It Make Sense

From afar, robots might seem like a competition. But, Robots aren’t the enemy. They are here to help you. Regardless of your financial status. The truth is humans are built for greater things than a routine. We have brains for a reason!

Where Kambria Comes In

Currently, robots aren’t easily accessible. Certain industries such as manufacturing have robots handling certain tasks. But these machines aren’t everywhere yet.

The cost of getting a robot isn’t cheap. Thanks to the ambiguous and wasteful robot production process. A robot manufacturing outfit has decided to make robots accessible to everyone. And Kambria is the one stop solution. Kambria is an open-source platform which aims to resolve the impasse of the robotics sector.

How Kambria Gets The Work Done

The concept behind Kambria isn’t exactly new. Open-source platforms are growing in their numbers. So how does Kambria bring humans and robots together?

Kambria closes all the loopholes. The repetitiveness that costs a lot in robotics designs is rendered obsolete. Kambria ensures as long as a design has been made, manufacturers don’t have to spend resources recreating such. It’s a concept that is popular in many sectors but robotics. Perhaps the intricacy of the robotics situation explains why an open-source platform hasn’t been a thing. Yet, Kambria brings something unique to its open-source platform.

Bounty programs, a pleasant sight among blockchain programs, will become a staple on Kambria. Competition is the mother of innovation, and that’s precisely what Kambria hopes to achieve through bounty program. Both robotics experts and producers will have the opportunity to get what they want: a source of income and a robotic solution respectively.

Kambria also provides manufacturers the opportunity to pick each other’s brains, coordinate business relationships, and a whole lot more. The bottlenecks in the robotic sector are mitigated through the open-source platform choice of a community-based setup.

The Blockchain Connection

Funding and transparency are crucial if Kambria is to succeed in its quest of putting robotics in every household.

Fortunately, blockchain can salvage the situation. Kambria is relying on the Ethereum blockchain to do three things: funding, transparency, and automation. The decentralized ledger handles all three and more. Kambria can raise funds through the sale of its cryptocurrency, KAT.

An open-source platform with a cryptocurrency is a rarity, and that’s something not lost on Kambria. KAT will be used to incentivize community participation, reward successful bounty hunters, and more. Smart contracts will power the automation of processes on the open-source platform. This explains the choice of the Ethereum blockchain.

Kambria’s Challenges

It’s not entirely all roses for Kambria. Like any open-source platform, there will be people looking to steal the works of others without giving back.

To prevent such a situation, the open-source platform will have a legal framework that persecutes offenders. KAT and other cryptocurrencies will be used to fund/push for the guilty to retrace their steps.


The agenda behind Kambria is to relieve humans of some of the most repetitive tasks. Will the open-source platform succeed? Lots of factors go into deciding that. Fingers crossed Kambria delivers on its mandate.

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