Adaora Anders
5 min readAug 13, 2021


How Epik’s Knowledge Graph Saves The Day

“We’re the world.” The words from the ‘USA for Africa’ masterpiece rings true decades after we were blessed with the hit. Humans are the most valuable entities ever. We’re the world! Earth would be just another planet in the solar system without humans in it.

Yet, we have to do the most demeaning and physically draining tasks to survive. Perhaps, most don’t care since humans aren’t considered endangered species. Fortunately, not everyone views humans through such a myopic lens. Artificial intelligence is proof of that. To make life easier for humans, passing the buck to artificial intelligence is currently on the front burner.

Many industries now have machines and applications that rely on artificial intelligence to get things done. Sadly, artificial intelligence still plays catch-up when it should be leading on the innovative front. The technology appears to be aloof to its place in the scheme of things until recently.

In Comes Epik Protocol

Artificial intelligence won’t fall off the sky like the Christian manna. Neither is it another cakewalk. All hands are expected to be on deck to create artificial intelligence that’s our yoke light. Epik Protocol, an outfit relying on blockchain technology, is one of those set out to see artificial intelligence save the world.

The Epik Protocol Masterstroke

Artificial intelligence hasn’t reached the heights expected due to the many obstacles. To create artificial intelligence, a knowledge graph — which is similar to a data bank — has to be created. Few knowledge graphs exist. They are far from perfect or trustworthy. Epik is using blockchain to build an on-chain knowledge graph.

The attributes of blockchain such as transparency, immutability, and the smart contracts connection support the efficacy of an on-chain knowledge graph. Epik’s on-chain knowledge graph is set to debut on the Filecoin data storage platform. This provides an interesting array of benefits. The knowledge graph is readily accessible, which should translate to the wider use of artificial intelligence.

How Epik’s Knowledge Graph Saves The Day

Data is crucial in many sectors. The sort of data needed and the complexity vary with the sector.

In Health

For instance, the health sector relies on an avalanche of data to deliver the services that patients need. The continuous increase in biomedical knowledge is just one piece of evidence of an explosion of data in the healthcare industry. Medical care also depends on case studies and medical history data — another proof of the industry’s deep dependence on data.

We can’t ignore the gradual introduction of medical smart applications. Many healthcare services are now handled by these devices. All these points to the importance of artificial intelligence in the highly sensitive sector. The Epik knowledge graph is set to bring some much-needed efficiency to medical data handling. Of course, this helps in more ways than one. Medical smart devices such as medical guidance devices, intelligent auxiliary diagnostic tools, and others. Through the aid of these devices, healthcare is affordable, reliable, and more efficient.

In Public Administration

Everyone is well aware of the bureaucracies of governance. The lack of cohesion of data from different agencies/arms of the government is largely responsible for that bureaucracy. Epik’s knowledge graph is expected to provide a way out of that quagmire. You no longer have to deal with the back-and-forth these government agencies put you through.

The knowledge graph makes the exchange of data very convenient for these offices. So they don’t have to put through a lot. Governance systems can also rely on applications built using the Epik knowledge graph to capture the needs of the population, ensuring an accurate amount of services are rendered. So government can fulfil its statutory role thanks to the power of artificial intelligence.

In Manufacturing

Interestingly, manufacturing is one sector that has indulged in the use of artificial intelligence. So one might wonder what the Epik knowledge graph will bring to such a sector. Manufacturing, like many other sectors, relies on data processing to make sense of its hefty dataset. Epik’s Knowledge Graph helps in processing these data, the production phase is seamless. The Epik knowledge graph helps deliver a working knowledge service platform. This is made possible through its data classification capability. Knowledge Graph relies on different data strata within the manufacturing space such as materials and equipment, labor handling, and more.

The manufacturing sector isn’t left out in the applications department. Epik’s knowledge graph can be deployed towards applications focused on research trends, managing the manufacturing line, and the support for works on site.

In Risk Management

The finance sector uses intelligent risk management to meet the expectations of customers while keeping the country’s economy moving. As the financial sector continues to grow in leaps and bounds, so also does its financial data. This calls for something more than the obsolete conventional risk management setup. Thus, the intelligent risk management system makes its debut.

Epik’s knowledge graph brings intelligent risk management to life. The result is a more robust array of user data, so the financial. This knowledge graph also offers a leeway for a variety of applications specific to the financial sector to thrive. Some of the applications that work on the knowledge graph include the anti-fraud application, anti-money laundry, audit management, and much more.

In Smart Construction

Similar to the manufacturing industry, the engineering sector relies on data. Though much of the latter’s data ties are linked to BIM. The Construction sector requires a lot of manpower. Initially, you’d think artificial intelligence might not accomplish much.

Yet, the Epik knowledge graph appears to be up to the task. It exploits the BIM to the benefit of the construction outfit. The knowledge graph also checks other boxes. Lots of applications specific to this industry can be built using Epik’s knowledge graph.


Artificial intelligence can save our world from unnecessary suffering through its impact on these sectors. This will relieve people of the enormous pressure they have to deal with. Epik’s knowledge graph holds the key to maximizing the potential of artificial intelligence. The time has come to unleash this potential for the greater good.

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