How Alphr Becomes A Major Player in The DeFi Space

Adaora Anders
3 min readSep 12, 2021


DeFi ecosystem has grown over the years. More people are embracing the use of DeFi protocols for more than just yield farming. Though the DeFi ecosystem has come a long way, there is no limit to what is possible in this virtual space.

Tons of projects operate within the DeFi space, but there is only a handful that grabs attention. For instance, the DeFi ecosystem might not exist without Ethereum, especially when you consider the role played by the EVM.

A few other projects have distinguished themselves in the DeFi ecosystem. One of the ways most projects stand out in the DeFi space is innovation. For instance, Uniswap came into the limelight through its decentralized exchange service. DEXs were not a thing back then. Now, most DEXs use the Uniswap model.

Alphr Finance Giant Strides

Innovation gets you the major player status in the crypto space. Alphr’s mirror trading on DEXs can be categorised as such. Professional traders are embracing decentralized trading, so why not?

Centralized exchanges are notorious for hanky-panky activities. So it is no surprise that people have a lot of distrust for centralized platforms that hold assets. Recently, Hotbit went offline for months, sparking rumours of an exit scam.

With more professional traders opting for decentralized exchange, Alphr only needs to put its best foot forward. And the DeFi project does its best in that regard.

How Alphr’s Mirror Trading Comes In

Alphr’s mirror trading provides answers to a pertinent question bothering most traders: choosing the right assets and when. The platform uses the transparency of the digital ledger to provide valuable, real-time trading insights from actual, professional traders.

On Alphr, users enjoy the privilege of seeing trades of all wallets on the Ethereum blockchain (more blockchains to be covered), copying such trades whenever they like without struggling with gas fee costs.

Moreover, Alphr’s DeFi side is visible in its mirror pools for automating DEX trading — not everyone has time to do all that copy trading.

Highly Rewarding Liquidity Pools

Most DeFi protocols have since reduced rewards earned for providing liquidity. Gone are the good old days when providing liquidity on DEX was highly rewarding. Fortunately, Alphr has not gotten the memo yet — its LP providers get the juiciest rewards.

Though the APR is mouth-watering, that is not the only thing that makes the DeFi project’s offer unique. Alphr rewards LP providers in ETH! Yes, you read that right; providing liquidity for the Alphr-ETH pair gets you rewards in ETH.

That is a major player attribute — the visibility for Alphr will be massive. Not many DeFi protocols — including yield farming platforms -platforms offer rewards in ETH. This makes Alphr quite special in the DeFi space.

DeFi Safety

Decentralized finance platforms constantly deal with security concerns; every tech-savvy, criminally-minded individual wants to exploit these dApps. This scares off investors that might want to invest in these DeFi products.

Alphr’s partnership with Union Finance buds well for the safety of its users’ funds in the mirror pool. The addition of an insurance policy for its mirror pools also supports Alphr’s status in the DeFi world.

Augmenting the partnership with Union Finance, Alphr organizes bug bounty. Through this challenge, programmers scrutinize the DeFi project’s codes for bugs. If any bug exists, the one who discovers it gets rewarded handsomely. Though a bug bounty is not exactly new, it shows how devoted Alphr is towards protecting the funds of traders.


Alphr has done a lot to provide DEX traders with the chance to pick winning trades without breaking a sweat. While that should do the trick in cementing the mirror trading platform’s place in the De-Fi space, Alphr goes all out to please.

The highly anticipated automated mirror trading will go live this month. So if you’re still watching from afar, it’s time to mirror trade profitably.

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