Adaora Anders
3 min readNov 13, 2019

As much as Government surveillance is done basically towards ensuring lives’ security/safety, crime control and state control, it has also been a channel over the years for lawless operations especially politically-driven operations for the embarrassment, oppression or eradication of political opposition’s or supposed enemies. This monitoring gathers information mostly via interception of internet systems for texts, audio or voice conversations, and location informations that are searched and tracked by automated devices/computers. In fact, expert criminal groups use surveillance for their crimes perpetuation.
In a sense, Government monitoring is an infringement on our privacy and puts our lives in jeopardy.
In the U.S, there is an act (law) that demands that all telecommunications conversations be made available and accessible for monitoring and scrutiny when necessary. This is purely bad encroachment, privacy rights violation and jeopardy all in one act- if we look at it critically and without prejudice.
In many developing countries, the government uses it to suppress oppositions.
In Nigeria, for instance, the Nigerian State Security Services, a.k.a, Department of State Security sometimes use surveillance to lawlessly arrest political enemies by locating their homes via location technology and other internet means such as social media and telecommunication conversations interception. A few top politicians and normal citizens have been tracked, forcefully arrested, prosecuted and convicted without through investigations and meaningful evidence.
Another case is that of the Special Anti-robbery Squad (Nigerian) who track alleged internet fraudsters. Many times, they track and arrest innocent, legitimate online freelancers based on their activities online. Rich young internet freelancers around are often abused by this squad. This is inhumane. Although, recently, the Nigerian government has responded to public complaints and have reduced the authority of this Security squad when it comes to internet fraud.
For a couple of years now, the rate of kidnapping has increased. Professional kidnappers abduct top political officials, universities lecturers, and famous citizens for millions of naira. They gather information about their victims via internet surveillance. Many abducted citizens been badly treated and many others have lost their lives.
Evidently, a lot of controversies have been generated on this ‘survellance’ issue and the people desire a confidential communication platform.
STEGOS is a confidential crypto and messaging platform that can solve this problem of privacy. Users of the STEGOS Platform can communicate privately without their information being disclosed. We would all love to communicate with each other without putting our information and lives in jeopardy.
The benefits that the Stegos blockchain platform offers no doubt makes it outstanding. It offers perfect confidentiality, accountability, reviewability and data compaction. Transactions history and other users’ data will be untraceable, unhackable, hence, ensuring the Security and Privacy. Users need not fret over hackers or other internet users and frausters who may want to take advantage of them via their data if there were no privacy and security. With STEGOS, we become more secure and less prone to criminals menaces and kidnappers attack.
STEGOS , will no doubt put an end to the problem of Government Monitoring in a simple way. Imagine a one-to-one messaging that can be done with full privacy ( conversations are made confidential and can never get to a third party).
Everybody deserves and needs complete privacy.
STEGOS meets this worldwide need.
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