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Hello, welcome to my blog once again, I unleash another dope project in the whole of the space. A project with a lot of potentials. This project is FUNCTION X!


Data is the new gold. Just few months back, Facebook just got into a legal tussle for the release of user data, tagged the infamous Harvard Analytica. This sort of monopolistic access to user data owing to the services provided and the leverage given by the advent of the internet is not sole to Facebook, other big players like Amazon, Apple, Google have capitalized on this end to almost totally monopolize the digital sphere. The book 0 to 1 argues that google for instance has no competition, it is in its own class. This goes to point out, perhaps one of the biggest problems ever, brewing.
Secondly, the centralized stance transactions take is worrisome, whereas a mere introduction of a decentralized system would have made for trust centered system and one which Information will flow with ease and away from intermediaries. This will hugely, cancel out data monopoly as played by these big tech giants.

In a bid to proffer viable solution to the problems above, came the launch of Function x. this system built totally on block chain is an ecosystem, decentralized to the core consisting of five components.

1. The function x operating system: this presents an incredible decentralized operating system hinged on block chain technology, such that any activity performed on this platform is kept from third party interference. Interestingly, this will work on most smartphones, androids.

2. The function x distributed ledger: this is responsible for the overall handling and processing of information on the platform. With the aid of blockchain, data is stored and verified in a secure system.

3. The function x IPFS: In a bid to design a veritable a system to store data in a secure place, the IPFS was created to store data in a distributed system. Every file is stored in the network can be called up at any time, once it is needed.

4. FXTP protocol: this defines the rule of mode for transmission of data or information via a network. Thus, FXTP is the transmission protocol for this decentralized network.

5. Function x decentralized Docker: applications will now be run in a decentralized pattern on this system, they will be able to store, deploy, and run codes remotely in a decentralized way.
All these to one end, to create a totally decentralized multipurpose platform, one that can cater for several services such as communications, applications run on it, websites hosted on it and topmost user data.
Again, key and the biggest on Function x`s offering is its phone, the X Phone. This mobile smart device, is an all blockchain built device. This translates that unlike conventional smart phones, this one will take a decentralized approach towards calls messaging, internet services and app services. There will no longer be required the help of centralized service providers. The biggest deal is that user data is kept private, away from third party interference.
Finally, function X`s totally decentralized, system, made to run originally in endlessly unhinged and without dependence or supervision of any individual or organization third party or any other.

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