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Finding Hidden Gems On KingData

Everyone is looking for the next crypto gem. Cryptos with big market capitalization won’t deliver the 10x or 100x that can fetch investors a fortune; so, all eyes are on small caps. But it’s tough — almost comparable to finding a diamond in a junkyard. It might happen, but it certainly won’t be a walk in the park.

One of the ways to unearth hidden crypto gems is the IDO route. Here, you can get your hands on some potential money-spinners before the big players come on board. As appealing as the IDO route might be, it’s a dangerous road filled with risks. Lots of scam projects hold IDOs to swindle unsuspecting users. However, if you do your homework, then you stand a good chance of finding a highly undervalued project with potential.

How to Use KingData To Uncover Worthwhile IDOs

KingData has a lot of resources on the latest projects in the crypto space. The ‘New Projects’

a section of the website plays host to these potential moneymakers. Here, you can see the latest projects organized in categories such as New Dapp Projects, New NFT Projects, New GameFi Projects.

Navigating New Dapp Projects

This section captures the latest dapps on the blockchain. The specifics of the project such as the chain, category, mode of entry, and risk level are also highlighted.

For instance, project A is coming to the Ethereum blockchain through an initial dex offering (IDO) with a medium risk level. This means anyone looking to get into project A will have to deal with the Eth gas fees.

On clicking any of the projects listed in this section, you get a breakdown of the project, including an overview, review, news, IDO information, token, and Twitter details.

In the overview, you get a brief rundown of the project, highlighting what the project is about. It’s the perfect place to understand what the project is about. In the overview subsection, you get to see some helpful details of the project such as the website link, whitepaper, audits, social media handles, and token contract address.

The review portion is where crypto enthusiasts or researchers get to voice out their honest opinion about the project. If you want to know things no one in the project’s telegram channel/Twitter pages will tell you about the project, the review subsection is where to be.

The news subsection carries all the latest news about the project. Everything about the project that’s in the public domain can be seen in the news subsection. It’s certainly the place you want to check out if you want updated news on the progress of the project. There’s a lot of emphasis on doing some due diligence on crypto projects before investing. Well, your due diligence is not complete without rummaging through the latest news on the project, which is what this subsection hopes to achieve.

The Twitter subsection holds all the latest tweets from the project’s Twitter handle. You can keep up with the project’s progress through the tweets published in this subsection. Typically, you get to hear from the horse’s mouth their collaborations, development, and more.

The IDO subsection is where you’d see certain valuable information about the project’s IDO. You get to find out the IDO token price, the number of tokens for sale during the IDO, the minimum number of tokens the project hopes to sell to begin operation.

If you’re making decisions on being an early bird in certain projects, the IDO subsection is one place you need to visit. You can get some valuable intel on the IDO, which should come in handy when picking these crypto gems early.

How To Use KingData To Find Worthwhile Crypto Projects

Before you invest in any project, especially those listed in the New Dapps Section of KingData, you should look at its risk assessment level. If it’s a high risk, then think twice about participating in that project. Those with low risk are the most advisable, but you can also find your well around the medium-risk projects.

It’s worth noting that the risk assessment level takes into consideration several attributes like the project community, tokenomics, ecosystem, team, and audits. If there are significant red flags, the project gets flagged as high risk or medium risk depending on the variables.

You should also consider the ratings of these new projects, which are captured in the new app projects section of KingData. A high rating is a positive sign lots of people have done some research on the project and considered it worthy of an investment. However, you still need to be mindful of the number of people that came up with that rating. The greater the number of persons involved, the better.

The tokenomics of any new project is one section that must be scrutinized before you make any investment decision. The IDO subsection on KingData always has all the details on tokenomics of new projects.


KingData has all the resources needed to identify viable, new crypto projects, but you still have to do some work. As always, nothing is financial advice, so you should dig deep before investing in any project.

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