Adaora Anders
4 min readMay 9, 2020

Hello and welcome to my blog! I trust you have been staying home safe amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

While making my usual researches, I came across a trending, unique and interesting project that would definitely be of interest to you. So I decided to research and review it. Fortunately, I found it amazing and decided to share with you my researches and thoughts on this remarkable project. This project is known as DOGDATA. Sounds unique and weird right? Stay tuned and read on as I unleash the potentials of DOGDATA to your consciousness.

Firstly, let me maintain the fact that the DOGDATA seeks to leverage dog owners, breeders and the dog industry as a whole by using these power houses below:

1. Web3.0

2. Blockchain ledger

3. Smart contracts

4. Erc20 and erc71

5. AI machine learning Agent for service etc.

All these and many more solutions will DOGDATA unleash into the dog breeding industry.


The advent of the blockchain technology has brought a lot of advancements that we can never imagine. The impact of this technology can widely be felt in most of the industries and sectors ranging from Oil and Gas, to Agriculture to Education, to Finance etc. then, the Dog Breeding industry is not an exemption to witness the huge advancements brought by blockchain.


Despite the adverse positive impart the Dog Breeding Industry received from the blockchain, the industry is not without obstacles that hinder it from blossoming like the other industries. These obstacles are:

1. Inefficient and improper dog breeding.

2. Bad diet for the dogs.

3. Missing welfare framework.

4. Mismanagement of time

5. High puppy mortality rates.

6. Exorbitant cost of bed sitters.

7. High rates of centralized dog ownership registrations.

8. Non-availability of easy transportation for dogs.

9. No online dog shows or grooming for contests etc.


Over the years and in recent times, Dogs have proven to be Man’s best friend. Dogs have proven to be one of the most favorite pets kept by people. The potentials of Dog is such that it is beneficial to man in several ways.

But in recent times, Dog pet owners and Breeders began facing some challenges such as low mortality rates often caused by Dog health problems which may results in shorter life expectancy, Inefficient and improper dog breedin, Bad diet for the dogs etc. Amidst these prevailing problems, the Dogdata was developed and launched with the sole aims of revolutionizing the Dog Industry by creating these unique solutions.


DogData is an ecosystem that is built on the core technologies of blockchain which utilizes advance technologies such as AI, Web3.0, Blockchain ledger, Smart contracts, erc20 with erc721 and machine learning for ensuriny Dog Welfare for Dog pet owners and breeders.

Amidst these prevailing problems, the Dogdata was developed and launched with the sole aims of revolutionizing the Dog Industry by creating these unique solutions.


The Dogdata no doubt is set to achieve the following in the Dog industry:

Dogdata ecosystem seeks to create a marketplace and a unique industry for dog owners and breeders by replacing false marketing and choices with suggestions by breed experts and judges. By so doing would, enhance the lives and welfares of all Dogs

Pet Dog owners. Dogdata would also help to broaden the knowledge about their dog breed. Dogdata would also improve the world Pedigree Database for Pet Dog owners and Breeders alike.

Furthermore, the dog data ecosystem would also improve on the the world’s Dog Breed standards while also improving on the way in which people buy products services and solutions for their Pet Dogs, ShowDogs, dog contests, Charity and Rescue Dogs etc.


The EthBnt token is the native token of Dogdata. It is also call Etherbone Token. This is the utility token of Dogdata as such that it would serve as the medium of transactions and usage on the Dogdata ecosystem.The DogData utilizes EtherBone an erc20 of utility tokens of the platform as a mechanism for incentivizing pet Dog owners and breeders for completing Dog sale contract welfare activities. Also, DogData platform utilizes EtherBone erc20 utility tokens for rewarding involvement in Pet Dog owner learning processes. The Token would be used to get discounts for every products and services purchased on the Dogdata ecosystem such as the P2P dog sales.


Through the use of blockchain technology, Dogdata seeks to bring to an end the problems of the dog industry, problems of dog Breeding and also the problems with keeping dogs as pets. Dogdata would utilize P2P solutions in achieving this with the aid of Smart contracts, erc20 with erc721 and machine learning etc for the betterment of Dog Welfare.

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