Digital Gaming Made Better With Cartesi

Adaora Anders
4 min readOct 24, 2020

There is a saying that goes "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", a saying which has been found out to have some level of truth in it, and that is exactly what gaming helps to achieve, that relief needed to keep sane.

People of different ages take part in gaming during leisure for one reason or the other. Gaming has undoubtedly become a very vital part of the global system, due to its contributions to the global system, both financially and otherwise.

Gaming has been taken to a whole new level, through the introduction of improved technologies which led to the digitization of the entire gaming activities, opening up great opportunities which were not possible with the previous traditional gaming systems.

Now, gamers are able to play intriguing games and earn rewards in return, and even have the capability to play their favourite games with gamers across the world, right at the comfort of their homes.

That is why the gaming industry generates a great amount of revenue which constitutes to the global economy, making it a highly rated industry both for the benefit of the global system and the global users at large.

Cartesi Provides A Solution To Gaming

You have probably heard about Cartesi platform and how much it is helping grow the digital system, but before we move to how it will improve digital gaming and the gaming industry at large, let's have a quick glance at Cartesi for the sake of those just learning of this great system.

What Cartesi Platform Is All About

Cartesi platform is a unique system which supports the creation of highly scalable Dapps through the use of highly advanced and intelligent technologies.

It was designed to help developers create any kind of decentralized application which has the ability to process both simple and very complex computations with ease, by making available to them, all the development tools which are needed to create these Dapps.

Cartesi links the Linux operating system and the blockchain technology to facilitate the creation of highly scalable Dapps with great computational power, and to make the entire work easier for the developers as it takes the processing of complex computations offline, to reduce the increased fee, and still laverages on both the decentralization and security of the on-chain blockchain.

By combining its Linux operating system, the blockchain technology and other varieties of tools, any developer which adopts Cartesi is in for a great time.

How Does Cartesi Improves Gaming

Considering the fact that improved games require great computational capabilities to be able to process every operation of the gamer with ease, Cartesi platform is the perfect fit for the development of improved Blockchain games.

It has the infrastructure the developers need, as they can easily make use of the libraries and other tools available, to build different blockchain games which are not affected by the limitations in computation of the game codes, rather it could be compiled seamlessly on the system’s linux operating system.

Building games on Cartesi will also reduce the stress which users pass through while developing sophisticated games, due to all the tools present on its system, and both the fees for developing a game will be reduced greatly, as well as the cost of running and maintaining the game, seeing as the use of linux in processing operations offline, makes it cheaper for the developer to create and run the game.

This will give the game created the ability to function effectively meeting the gaming needs of every player, thereby giving them a memorable gaming experience.

For games where players are rewarded for taking part, developing them on Cartesi gives it an edge over others due to its high transaction throughput that allows for the execution of numerous transactions at a time, making it possible for the fair and lucid distribution of gaming rewards to the users without stress.


Digital gaming is becoming bigger and more efficient with the help of Cartesi platform, providing the right tools of development.

Every game developed on Cartesi DApps creation system, will not just function effectively, but will also possess intriguing features which will make the game enjoyable and beneficial.

With its full stack libraries, Linux operating system and the blockchain the reward distribution during gaming will be lucid, timely and secured in a fully decentralized manner.

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