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4 min readOct 15, 2019

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The advent of block chain technology is one that has brought a lot of evolutions to our society. Block chain has greatly changed the way we do things as virtually every sector have and is still witnessing the abundance opportunities brought in by block chain.

Among the sectors currently experiencing a breakthrough is the financial sector. Of course we can’t deny the fact that the launch of cryptocurrency has greatly changed and benefited the financial sector. Many projects have emerged to in one way or the other proffer solutions and innovations that would better off the ecosystem. Amongst these projects is DEXA COIN!

Dexa Coin is a unique cryptocurrency project which has been designed to ameliorate the hurdles with payments and transactions. Dexa coin is a block chain based project launched to bring a facelift in the financial sector. The question now is how Dexa coin does this?

Well, Dexa Coin is not here for a child’s play. It is here to put a one stop solution to the problems with sending and receiving money anywhere in the world. In other to achieve these, there are some components that made up the Dexa coin system.

1. BLOCKCHAIN: The Block chain is the major component behind the launch of Dexa coin. In other words, the Dexa coin platform shall fully employ the technological innovations of the block chain in its operations its operations. With block chain, it will better off the user experience, the way we do things etc..

2. DEXA COIN APP: The Dexa coin is another major component of the Dexa coin platform. With the app, users will have better experiences with sending and receiving money from friends and families around the world. Not just that, the Dexa coin app also incorporates messaging feature in it which serves as a means of socializing for users. For ins6, users who have the Dexa coin app can chat with each other anywhere in the world. This is indeed astonishing.

The Dexa coin APP is one with a simple user interface as long as a user can operate the mobile phone, such user will also be able to make effective use of the dexa coin APP.

The major idea behind the Dexa coin platform is to simplify the way we send money and transactions using the power of block chain to achieving its aims.

Users will have access to his or her bank accounts through the Dexa coin APP as it will grant access to connect one’s bank details to the app. All you have to do is to simply install the app, connect the app with your bank account by simply synchronizing your bank details to the application. Once this is done, you need not face the hurdles in the bank any longer to send out money to your loved ones or your clients. Dexa coin is here to harness the process of making payments and transactions through the use of block chain.


The Dexa coin APP is the major innovation of the Dexa coin. With the APP, I bet you’d enjoy a lot of great entitlements and benefits as a user. This is not just a common app you get to see around. The Dexa coin APP is blockchain enabled but has been made available for both android devices and IOS devices. These is made available on the various stores.

1. The APP gives user sense of security and privacy.

2. With the app, users will send and receive money around the world with lower fees applied.

3. Users will also get to socialize with friends and loved ones through the Dexa coin APP.

4. With the dexa coin APP, you can have utmost control and access to your bank accounts. All you have to do is to connect your bank accounts to the Dexa coin APP. And you are good.

5. The Dexa coin APP is user friendly. Every person provided you have access to the application will be able to use and enjoy the benefits of the app.

Conclusively, the blockchain is greatly changing the world and changing the way we do things. Making everything simple and easy. Through blockchain, Dexa Coin has come to harness the way we send and receive money globally. Also, it aims to connecting people of various languages and ethnic groups through its messaging feature. Users as long as they have the app properly installed and connected will have access to the messaging feature of the Dexa coin APP. What are you waiting for? Hurry now and download this application on our device to enjoy the unfailing benefits that comes with it. Thank me later!

Not just that, the Dexa coin is also traceable on major exchange Probit.




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