DEXA COIN is a revolutionary new business of simplifying the way we send money!

Adaora Anders
4 min readOct 17, 2019

Send and receive money across the globe and at the same time allow people to communicate and keep in touch with each other through a built in “Instant Messaging Feature” available within the APP

Currently it is time consuming, expensive and difficult to arrange international money transfers, and several firms in this space have experienced negative publicity because of security concerns and a lack of traceability. DEXA COIN will change all this!

“Blockchain Technology will redefine the way we make transactions around the globe. It will also redefine the way we perceive money” Adnan Altaf CEO
Competitors in this space use traditional processes, and customer feedback is often consistently poor. Firms who offer these services receive the lowest customer feedback scores of any financial organizations!
Well documented problems include slow transaction speeds, expensive bank charges, incorrect IBAN numbers, poor conversion rates, and a failure to convert currency before sending it, mixing up fees and perceived hidden charges.
There are a lot of developers out there that are mainly focused on cryptocurrency adoption or trying to make it easy for people to acquire cryptocurrency in general.
However what we are doing is creating a platform that allow users to use blockchain technology to send & recieve money across the globe.
Anyone familiar with using a smartphone device should be able to do this with ease.

With DEXA COIN it will never have been easier to send money globally. Features including Near Field Communication (NFC), QR Code payments and links to user’s bank accounts will change the way that international money transfers work, offering fast, affordable and seamless transactions.

Some or our awesome features:

  1. Send and Receive money across the globe:
    Our simple user Interface will ensure that our system is incredibly easy to use. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection will be able to use DEXA COIN to make international money transfers in a safe and secure environment.
  2. Instant Payments:
    DEXA COIN works locally and globally. Anywhere that accepts contactless payments will be able to offer transactions using our platform. Going out for dinner? Putting fuel in the car? Our NFC and QR Code payment technologies offer complete versatility for making transactions in many countries at any time Instant messaging Feature:
  3. The social features built into the app will allow users to keep in touch with family, friends and anyone they are sending money to. This is a great feature for business users managing client relationships and offers a level of communication which is not available on competitor platforms. Instant messaging will also allow users to confirm payments and stay connected.
  4. Seamless integration with bank accounts:
    Offering seamless integration with most bank accounts where the user can connect the app to their payment card Eg: Visa Card and Master Card or Transfer Money from the app to their bank account and vice versa.
    We recognize that online security will be a priority for our users and we are committed to ensuring our platform offers complete protection. Blockchain technology helps to ensure security is robust and will be supported with a range of measures to ensure the safety and security of user’s money and their digital wallet.
    Apart from all the security features that are added to the app, it also protects your privacy. The Dexa Coin app ensure the complete privacy of its users. The Instant messaging feature has ‘End-to-End Encryption’. This limits the access of any third party and makes sure the messages remain between the two parties concerned. It is further equipped with an attribute which detects and counters the unauthorized access into payment transactions.

Contrary to the transactional nature of most payments, for money transfers needed to help friends or family members deal with an emergency or pay an overdue bill. Time is of the essence for remittances, but so is control of the payment experience itself. We need to think about these payment experiences differently. Rather than opting for invisibility, remittance payments should be as visible and engaging as possible. Josh Gordon-Blake, Mobile Payments Today, Vice-President of Global Partnerships, Pangea
Private Sale:
DEXA COIN will soon announce their first Private Sale. Participants will be able to take advantage of exclusive rates during this period and with a chance to avail 50% Token Bonus.
To participate in the upcoming Private Sale, please visit for more information.
Private/Institutional investors and strategic partners are welcomed.
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