Adaora Anders
4 min readAug 23, 2020


Decentralized Applications that are often denoted as Dapps are becoming the prevalent for both developers and end users which includes the global population, and this is as a result of its efficiency when utilized in a system as well as the ease of operations when using this unique application.

Dapps are designed to be fully decentralized, as the name implies, which means that operations are not controlled by any centralized authority, rather the users take an active part in its operation.

It is created with open-source codes, that makes it easier for any developer to enter and build varieties of Dapps with great use cases, thereby lowering the barrier posed by centralization, which has been limiting the emergence of improved Dapps.
By being fully decentralized, there is a secured storage of every data generated by these Decentralized Applications (Dapps) on an equally decentralized Blockchain, so as to make sure that the users operations are safe.

This is a clear opposite of the centralized applications in use today, which does not guarantee the safety of its user's data, putting the users at risk.

Having an easy-to-use application which will benefit the global users, will need a lot of improved tools to build, in order to be ineffective in its operations, but unfortunately, these tools are lacking in the digital system because of the absence of a system capable of making that provision.

Majority of developers are already finding it difficult to build Dapps which have the potential of impacting the global industries probably because they lack the skill set, in terms of the needed programming language as well as the tool to do so.

The Creation Of Dapps Becomes Easier On Cartesi

For the benefit of those just hearing of Cartesi platform, it is a decentralized system which helps for the creation of Dapps on the Blockchain.

By adopting the Blockchain in the creation of Dapps, the Cartesi platform makes it easy for developers all over the world, to transform their dream applications into reality, by giving them all they require to make this come true.

Cartesi understands the need to integrate the Blockchain into different systems, even in the creation of applications, so as to spread its benefits to the different systems, hence its adoption of the Blockchain in Dapps creation.

How Cartesi Simplifies Dapps Creation For Developers

Cartesi has released different tools which are available only on improved systems, which will be utilized by any developer when creating Decentralized Applications (Dapps).

On its developer portal, designed for the creation of Dapps, one of those tools is the Descartes SDK, which allows any developer, even those new to Dapps creation, to build Decentralized Applications without the stress of going to study a new coding languages, as whichever language needed for the Dapps creation is made available.

What could be easier than this? delivering the ability to create Dapps to developers, on the platter of gold.

This is just amazing, not only for the developers, but also for the end users who will get to use the Dapps created with improved tools provided by Cartesi.

Developers get to use any data of their choice, as a data stream is also made available for them, on the Cartesi system, which they can leverage on for their Dapps.

Since Cartesi leverages on the Blockchain technology, which was created to be fully scalable, and allow for the improved every system which uses it, every Dapps built by developers on the Cartesi platform will definitely be scalable, giving room for seamless and timely upgrades on the Daps, as a way of ensuring that the users get advanced features.

Due to how improved and sophisticated these tools are, any Dapps created on the Cartesi system is not like the regular Decentralized application, as it is more powerful and valuable, as a result of the fact that everything is brought to the reach of the developer, including the data source, Blockchain, smart contract, SDK as well as every other tool needed for its development, so the developers on Cartesi, leverages on every tool in its arsenal to build superior Dapps.

To Summarize This,

Before now, the creation of Dapps has been challenging, but Cartesi eliminates these challenges and makes it less tedious developing Dapps with better use cases.

All the tools which it makes available provides a source for developers to create the advanced Dapps.

Cartesi serves as a go-to-source for Dapps developers, when it comes to the creation of Blockchain-based Dapps.