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3 min readOct 25, 2020



The introduction of DeFi has unarguably improved the financial industry,and for financial practitioners, it still presents huge possibilities and far reaching opportunities while having amazing market conditions recently.

This approach has hugely affected the utilization of intermediaries or third parties during transactions by replacing it with a rather innovative alternative characterized by the deployment of computer codes which automatically completes transactions in the swiftest manner possible. Meanwhile, the explosive advancement of DeFi has drawn the attention of regulatory entities as well as central banks in various countries around the globe.

Regarding the advancement of Decentralized finance, let’s briefly consider one of the front runners championing its swift adoption - CYPHERIUM.


Cypherium is a decentralized scalable framework designed with an accessible and intuitive user interface to provide a foundation for users to create innovative applications capable of transforming businesses,laws and enterprise solutions.

With a hybrid consensus mechanism that utilizes both Proof of work (PoS) and hotstuff, it is an advanced blockchain designed to attain commercialization viability by maintaining maximum scalability and decentralization unlike the second and third generation blockchain structures which abandon the permissionless,trustless mechanism. CYPHERIUM is developed off the indispensable innovations of past blockchain technologies.

This enterprise-centered blockchain substrate that allows for seamless interoperability between blockchain and the central bank digital currency recently announced the launch of CYPHERSWAP, a decentralized exchange which harnesses cross chain compatibility and proffers unrestricted liquidity for users within the industry.


Cypherswap is a decentralized exchange that offers compatibility of blockchain structures. It is the first DeFi centered product of the cypherium ecosystem that is built with the capacity of negating several restrictions posed by other DEXs. The Cypherswap exchanged is not only limited to the Etherum digital tokens but can also offer other tokens from diverse blockchains including ETH, XRP, Bitcoin and others.

This innovative exchange from Cypherium is developed with a unique consensus algorithm called the '’Automatic market maker’’(AMM) which simultaneously increases the price with demand making it ideal for liquidity provision regardless of the pool or order book.

This exchange platform is supported by individuals who provide liquidity by furnishing the corresponding digital tokens on the chain of diverse currencies through the unique cypherlink protocol.

The digital tokens or cryptos are then purchased by traders who exchange coins at a fixed rate of 0.30% which is performed and facilitated through smart contracts within the cypherium chain.

Furthermore, Cypherswap also supports other market makers like orderbook while allowing the integration of new market maker mechanisms into the network as a plugin. It also allows for the trading of derivatives and NFT.


The CST is the governance token of the CYPHERSWAP substrate. It has a total supply of 1.5billion, below are the allocation of the CST

1.2 billion tokens are strictly allocated for Cypherium pre-sale participants and will be distributed at the ratio 1CPH = 2 CST.

200 million tokens apportioned to public sale participants and will be distributed on the ratio of 1CPH =1CST.

100 million tokens reserved for rewarding liquidity providers on the CYPHERSWAP ecosystem.

Cypherium’s team is not allocated any share of the token, Cypherswap will be totally governed by the cypherium community and holders of CST can pledge and utilize their tokens to vote on decisions regarding the community.


Cypherium blockchain is setting the pace in the DeFi industry by launching the Cypherswap decentralized exchange for traders and liquidity providers to make great returns and enjoy amazing exchange experiences. Cypherswap is the go to exchange for all financial practitioners within the cryptocurrency ecosystem as it is not restricted to only Ethereum tokens but also integrates tokens from other blockchain infrastructure

Visit Cypherium’s offical website here for more information.

Author: Adaora