Cypherium Addresses The Major Flaws Of Prevailing Blockchains

Adaora Anders
4 min readOct 21, 2021


Introducing Cypherium, The Enterprise Blockchain

Cypherium is a block-chain-based and smart-contracts platform that provides a number of improvements for decentralized ledger systems. It is a highly-scalable smart-contract platform that is really reliable and robust.

Smart-contracts are self-executing contracts that perform actions based on some predefined conditions such that at the time of executing the contract, no party involved in the agreement can change or influence the decision. This means that there is no need to always wait for decisions of parties, hence, faster transactions, no bias and no need for a central decision maker.

The features above are some of the benefits Cypherium comes with for the good of the ledger system and its use cases.

Why Cypherium?

Cypherium’s mission is to address the major flaws of the current public block-chain infrastructures such as the blockchain trilemma (scalability has to be given up or seems to be compromised in order to achieve decentralization or vice versa). In this case, Cypherium is providing a truly decentralized and scalable architecture, incorporated with a readily accessible, friendly and intuitive user-interface.

Cypherium Uses A Scalable And Trustless Blockchain

Cypherium blockchain is a permissionless blockchain that is truly scalable, decentralized and secured. It makes use of both PoW (proof of work) mechanism and HotStuff mechanism. In order words, Cypherium uses a HYBRID consensus mechanism in order to achieve its mission. These mechanisms are used by Cypherium’s two distinct blockchains. More about this will be discussed in this article

Unique Features Of Cypherium

Let us look at some of the feature of the Cypherium platform:

1. Cypherium Ensures Blockchain Trilemma Is Solved

Earlier stated, Cypherium’s mission is to handle the challenges of the current block-chain systems, such as the trilemma. Cypherium is designed to ensure wider-range adoption of block-chain and its applications by maximising both scalability and decentralization, that is, none of them would be compromised for the other.

2. Dual-Chain Architecture And Hybrid Consensus

Cypherium uses two distinct block-chains. The first is an Election Chain that selects PoW leaders to generate/write new blocks while the second chain is a Transactions Chain that uses the HotStuff consensus to confirm transactions data in the blocks created by the first chain (election chain).

3. Cypherium Is Built On Previous Blockchain Innovations

Another unique feature of Cypherium platform is the fact that, unlike other new generation blockchains that abandoned the original trustless consensus mechanism of Satoshi Nakamoto, Cypherium builds upon the significant innovations of the original and previous blockchains and seeks to modify and modernize it.

4. Smart Contracts

Cypherium also implements or applies the smart-contracts principle and it will run inside their CVM (Cypherium Virtual Machine). A smart-contract provides the ability to create decentralized apps, user-defined digital resources, and so on.

5. Cypherium’s CVM

The Virtual Machine is an infrastructure or environment created by CYPHERIUM inside which smart-contracts run. It is a safe, digital environment where smart-contracts that are written into Cypherium’s block-chain are executed in line with the way the contracts were created.

The Cypherium Virtual Machine is said to be an improvement on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), because its management is easier and it offers greater speed and lower cost even when compared to EVM.

Benefits Of Cypherium

1. Reduced Security Threats:

Cypherium makes use of a complex security technology that makes attacks on the platform nearly impossible.

2. Faster transactions and less wait-time

Through Cypherium’s dual-chain architecture that consists of 2 uniquely and functionally different block-chains, as well as via its smart-contracts functionality, Cypherium platform ensures that users would not have to wait for transaction confirmation. The self-executing smart-contracts eradicates the need to wait for human decision on agreements and transactions.

3. Highly Scalable

With Cypherium, scalability is no longer an issue and also very certain. Cypherium ensures scalability without compromising security or decentralization. Its combination of PoW and HotStuff consensus allows the processing of thousands of transactions in one second.


Cypherium’s mission is to address the major flaws of the current public block-chain infrastructures such as the block-chain trilemma (scalability has to be given up or seems to be compromised in order to achieve de-centralization or vice versa). It is a highly-scalable smart-contract platform that is really reliable and robust.

Cypherium’s unique features include: Dual-chain structure; hybrid consensus; ensuring maximum scalability and decentralization; self-executing smart-contracts; being built on previous block-chain innovations and so on.

With these unique features, Cypherium becomes adequate for creation and launching of platforms for decentralized applications. It is therefore fit for a good number of use cases or application areas, ranging from Finance to Messaging to Internet-of-Things, and so on.

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